BCCI reputation badly damaged says report

A report has stated that the reliability of the controlling body of India’s most popular sport, cricket, is presently beyond redemption. Purportedly this has happened after the various hidden facts of the BCCI have come out in the open. The report that came out in Gulf News states that BCCI, which is the wealthiest cricketing body in the world, has had to endure a tough summer after 3 cricketers were arrested owing to charges of spot fixing during the recently concluded IPL. The report states that several factors have brought about this situation for the BCCI such as lust for power, inability to operate in a completely transparent manner and age old methods of working.


The report also states that at present the whole country has been disturbed at the turn of events and cricket fans continue to view the proceedings with a hint of distrust. However, this had supposedly no effect on the BCCI itself as it continues to operate sans accountability. As per the report the wrongs reached their peak when Gurunath Meiyappan was named in the spot fixing scandal as well owing to the links he had with several bookies. The franchise being managed by him, Chennai Super Kings, was also implicated in the whole affair.


The report also apportions some blame for the present situation to N Srinivasan saying his refusal to submit and his ways of operation are major highlights in this case. He, according to the report, represents the problems presently being faced by the BCCI. The report has also mentioned that popular attraction for the game was the main reason behind the board’s present status. In a way the publication indicates that the officials have been greedy thanks to the huge money being received by the board nowadays and it is the money that has led to some of them adopting an ‘at all costs’ policy to stick to their seats of power.


The Gulf News report also states that the board is being controlled by a group of politicians who are not exactly passionate about the game but have still held on to the leading posts. This has meant that former cricketers who may have wanted to serve the board as administrators are not being able to come into the board. According to the report the entire set-up is now an arrogant sports body that has little regard for rules since it cannot be controlled by the government.


According to the report the global cricket fraternity, which regards the BCCI as a major bully, may be happy at the present predicament being faced by the organization. The opinions expressed in this report echo the sentiments of many Indian fans who are in severe angst at the state of affairs and want it to be run by educated and well-meaning cricketers who can develop the natural talent in the country and take the team a few notches higher.


One does not know whether any of the men, who matter at the BCCI, have read this report or not but it is understandable that most of them will disregard it as a piece of garbage and others may think of taking legal action against the media house that carried the report. The ideal situation here would be that the BCCI administrators are fired up positively by the report and make their best efforts to set the wrongs right. However, no one has found the golden city of El Dorado yet and there is less chance of this happening. It is sad but then it is the truth!