World Cup 2015: Can India Maintain Momentum Against West Indies?

India vs West Indies

India vs West IndiesOn 6 March India will take on West Indies in the fourth match of their ongoing World Cup journey. Till now, India has played three matches and won each of them with a certain degree of authority. West Indies, on the other hand, has had a mixed run so far with convincing wins against Pakistan and Zimbabwe, an embarrassing defeat against Ireland and a hiding doled out by South Africa. As far as the form book is concerned India seems to be the clear favourite. However, with a team like West Indies it is hard to predict anything because no one really knows how they will perform on a given day. In many ways, they are like Pakistan.

What Effect Will Conditions Have on the Game?

The game will be played at Perth. The WACA pitch is hard and true, which means it will stay consistent throughout the 100 overs and will not favour anyone in particular. Bowlers, especially the seam bowlers, will enjoy the pace and bounce on offer and batsmen, who are technically adept, will enjoy playing their strokes because of the consistent pace and bounce.

Where Will India Have an Edge?

As has been said already, India is looking like a complete side, a well-oiled machine as opposed to West Indies that has depended on a couple of talismanic players – Chris Gayle and Andre Russell in this instance – to carry it so far. For India, almost every player has made some contribution or the other for the team. Batsmen, with the exception of Rohit Sharma, are in good nick and scoring runs. Bowlers have looked incisive and picked up wickets on a regular basis to jolt the opposition into submission. India has also appeared to be at par with the best fielding teams in the tournament, which reveals hard work and dedication.

Problem Areas for India

Mohammad Shami, who has looked the best bowler for India in the two games he played, has missed the last game against UAE due to an injury. While he may have recovered after the rest, Indian fans will be anxious to see him back on the field. While his replacement Bhuvneshwar Kumar can be accurate, he lacks the pace and verve that make Shami a more threatening proposition at the international level. Rohit Sharma has to find his form soon enough. India also needs to make sure it scores more runs in the final overs. Till now, the bowlers have shored this up, but if they fail then the inadequate totals could pose some serious problems.

From the Caribbean perspective, there will be a few players to watch out for. Gayle can launch an assault against any bowling attack on his day and he needs to be properly attended to. Samuels, Simmons and Dwayne Smith also have the capability to produce the results on their day. Much to India’s glee, players of the calibre of Bravo brothers and Kieron Pollard are missing from the team. Late down the order, Russell, Ramdin and Sammy have the capability to produce the big hits. So, people like Mohit Sharma will need to perform his best. When it comes to bowling, Jerome Taylor needs to be watched. While he may not have been at his best, his record against India has normally been decent.

Areas of Opportunity for India

West Indies are a talented but inconsistent side and Indian team will have to make sure that it builds the pressure on West Indies, especially, with the ball and in the field. Struggling sides wilt under pressure and West Indies are no exception to this norm. With the bat, India has to fully utilise the overs bowled by Sammy and Benn and Jason Holder so that they can set an imposing total.


India needs to approach the game with a relaxed state of mind but not a casual one. West Indies are a good team and they can very well upset the Indian applecart if they are not taken seriously.