15 Amazing Scientific Ways to Boost Confidence

Confidence a Key to Success

Confidence a Key to Success

We all are aware of the fact that confidence is not only an important asset to an individual’s personality but also essential for living a life that is healthy and full of happiness. Yet there is a myth revolving around confidence. That is, a person will have confidence only if he is born with it, otherwise not. In reality, confidence is a gradual process of encouraging your inner self-esteem. A feeling of self-confidence is coveted by all of us, but it is difficult to nail down. Fortunately, we do not have to leave self-confidence or authority to possibilities.

But there must have been times when we felt less confident, out of sorts and in depression. It could be due to stress or just an off-day that places you in a bizarre mental zone. But it is no big thing to give yourself a much-needed stimulant. Sometimes, all it takes is a spray of perfume or playing some music. The scientific researches say that there are multiple ways which can help in boosting up your confidence instantly. Let’s discuss some of them.

1. Practice makes a man perfect

Practicing things which you are not confident about help you improve. Many of us had a fear of mathematics in our childhood, but continuously practicing the subject not only boosted our skills in the subject but also helped us score good marks. Practice clears the dilemmas in our minds of certain things which we fear the most.

2. Dress for victory

Dressing properly and suitably may contribute to your self-confidence. Wear clothes according to your body type and that fit you well. There have been scientific studies stating that wearing black helps in elevating the confidence level of a person.

3. Look confident even if you are not – “fake it ’till you make it” approach

On reading this, denial is the first thing that comes to our mind. But this is the truth. It is a tried and tested formula that can work even in the worst of situations. Even the most confident person may sometimes feel nervous and unsure and pretend to be as confident as ever. He/she knows how to diverge these feelings to handle absurd situations and open up good opportunities for them. Hope this works for the readers while going for an interview!

4. Meditation

You must be apparently tired of hearing about the advantages of meditation. But there is a reason why it is so hyped. A research says that meditation has the ability to increase benevolence, lower blood pressure, enhance complete well-being, and finally, increase confidence.

5. Smile

A scientific research has proven that people sporting a hearty smile have much more confidence than a person with a faint smile. Smile as frequently as you can and always let a it hang around the corners of your mouth.

6. Heavy-bass music

According to scientific researches, listening to music with heavy bass boosts your mood and self-confidence. It makes you charged up and lets energy run through your body. Avoid listening to sad songs when feeling low in confidence.

7. Straight posture

Having a straight posture has a quick and long-lasting effect on your confidence. Always keep your head high and back straight, push your shoulders back, and walk with confidence. The next time you discover yourself slouching in your chair or hanging your shoulders, sit up straight right away.

8. Exercise

Exercise works like magic in boosting anyone’s confidence. The stretching of the muscles while exercising drives out the inertia and weariness from the body. In the long run, exercising regularly, even for less time, will work as a real confidence booster.

9. Don a scent

There are researches that suggest wearing your favorite perfume will alleviate your confidence levels than just make you smell good.

10. Don’t indulge in negative self-talks

Ever find yourself in a situation where you feel you are being targeted? There must be many of us who have thought that way. But to be confident, it is crucial never to indulge in any negative self-talks like ‘why this always happens to me?’ or ‘I am the unlucky one’. And yes, there are better things in life to focus on. So the next time when you miss your train or fail in an interview, always remember these things are common and happen to everyone once in a while.

11. Identify your areas of strength

Identifying the areas of your strengths will not only push up your confidence levels but also garner much appreciation. It can be a meager thing or even a single small step in the accurate direction.

12. Learn new skills in idle time

Learning new things and keeping yourself busy in spare time will heighten self-esteem and level of gratification. It can be a language, improving on your weak subjects, or indulging in activities like cooking classes, swimming, etc. It’s easy to get hung up on all the things that are out of your control, but it won’t achieve much. Instead, try to focus your energy on identifying the things that are within your control and seeing what you can do about them.

13. Having the conversation with your dad

According to scientific research, it has been found that if people of all ages spend much time with their dads, it will elevate their self-confidence. Father is the head of the family who is experienced and concerned about his children. He is the one who makes his children aware about the good as well as the harsh realities of life and will encourage them to withstand them and face them courageously. As children, we always knew that he is beside us protecting us. This increases our confidence levels letting us venture into the real world.

14. Respect yourself

It is popular saying that charity begins at home. If you want to get respected, first you have respect yourself. Accepting your mistakes and patting yourself for the success you achieve is one such way of respecting yourself. If you believe in yourself and respect your work, your confidence levels will shoot up automatically.

15. Be empathetic

Being supportive and concerned about your family, relatives, and colleagues will surely boost your confidence levels. Connecting with people always helps, especially in your learning. If you help and support a person with their problems today, you will also get his/her support when you will need it the most in the future.

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