Does punishing students benefit them?

Many lifelong friendships become sham during school days, and the teachings learned there are cherished forever. But then, those instances make us feel uncontrollably nervous, commonly called “punishments”.

We as kids were penalized for several reasons, including not doing our homework, chatting in class, being late, and misbehaving. We had no idea what such punishments meant, and we were often enraged by them. It’s now clear what the professors were trying to teach you through those minor penalties.

How should students look towards such instances? Let’s find out:

  • Take time to pay attention

We would have to go on and on about the newest gossip throughout both recess and class time because there wasn’t enough time in the day for it. Then, if caught, you would stand for the whole class time with your ears closed. 

As long as you say what you already know and don’t listen, you’ll never learn anything new. A small amount to pay when you consider what you’ve gained.

  • Perceiving things from a higher perspective

We felt that we were more relaxed than the other students since we weren’t paying attention in class, loitering in the corridor, or bothering other students, but then we were punished for our misconduct. 

To that end, you should begin taking advantage of the time you do have right now. So often, we get driven into our narrow perspective of the world. But, when it comes to seeing the broad picture and planning for the future, that’s how our teachers taught us.

  • Introspection

You would frequently find yourself in the classroom corner, facing the wall, because of your disruptive behaviour. Turning inward was the point of facing the wall. Be honest with yourself and see if you can figure out what went wrong and how you can fix it. Before pointing fingers at others, take a look at yourself first.

  • Humility

The sole motivation for attending school seemed to call other students names and make fun of them. To be safe, you’d have to bow if somebody in power above you overheard you say that. 

We were reminded of the importance of being grounded and respectful of others. Be mindful of their individuality as well. You only need to know how to treat people properly to be successful.

  • Boasting less

How about the new pencil box I got? Wow, this is a beautiful idea. On this “annual” day, I received so many accolades. Quiet! In class, why are you both chatting? Sit with your hands folded and your fingers pressed firmly to your lips. 

The teacher’s real goal was to make you less self-conscious about your accomplishments. You’d be better off keeping your thoughts and opinions to yourself. Self-congratulation isn’t always a good idea. The need for self-confidence cannot be overstated; nonetheless, ego has brought down even significant historical figures.

Every cloud has a silver lining. In the same way, each penalty has a purpose. In the end, it all comes down to how we see things or the perspectives revolving around them. Understanding why strict rules were imposed on our education and schooling is critical. Keep your eyes open for the challenges that come your way, even in the face of adversity.