Explain cognitive disability along with its symptoms.

CBSE Sample Question Paper, Class 12 BIOLOGY Term 2 Question - Explain cognitive disability along with its symptoms.

1. Cognitive Disability
This disorder comes in the mental disorder category. Due to
cognitive disorder, a person’s ability to learn, speak, memorize, and
problem solving skills are disrupted. Due to cognitive disorder, the
person suffers from dementia, and delirium disease. In addition, it
adversely affects the memorizing power and reasoning power.
Normally, these are various symptoms of these :
(i) Memory Disorder: The person who has a problem in listening and then recalling things.
(ii) Hyper Activity: The person tends to hyper during sitting, standing phase, The person remains in undue hurry.
(iii) Dyslexia: The person who faces problems in reading, writing and
memorizing. Cause of Cognitive Disability Cognitive disability normally occurs due to problems of the brain like tumor, head injury, shock, infection, harmful brain neurotoxins, heredity or any other brain related disease. It affects a person’s memorizing power, learning skills and ability to do routine activities like, in case of tumor or head injury on part of the brain which controls speech control, can affect the speaking skills of that person. In same way, if brain tumor or head injury on that part of the brain which can hamper the physical movement or delving other physical activities