Facts of Sprouts That You Didn’t Know

Moong Bean Sprout Salad
Moong Bean Sprout Salad

Sprouts are a type of staple that is found from germinated seeds of certain plants or seeds such as mung beans (Green gram), black beans or lentils. Sprouts are enriched with highly beneficial nutritional compounds, which are important for our health. However, the nutritional compounds depend on the type of sprouts. 

 The basic nutrients that can be found in sprouts include protein, folate, calcium, magnesium, potassium, beta-carotene, phosphorus, manganese, essential amino acids, Vitamin-K and Vitamin-C. Sprouts are low in calories. 

What are the health benefits of sprouts?

The basic health benefits of sprouts are

  • It helps in controlling blood sugar levels: Sprouts have minimal amounts of carbohydrates which helps in keeping the insulin levels under control, and it helps in controlling the blood sugar levels. This is why it is beneficial for people with diabetes. 
  • Better digestive health: Sprouts contain some insoluble fibers, which does not harm the health rather it works as prebiotics. The prebiotics feeds on good bacteria present in our intestines, which are important to maintain a healthy digestive system. It also reduces the chances of stomach bloating or gas. 
  • Better health of the heart: Sprouts help in lower triglyceride levels and bad cholesterol levels. It helps in increasing the good cholesterol which helps in preventing from developing any heart disease.
  • Easy to digest
  • Enriched with fiber, protein and essential amino acids
  • Helps in losing weight

Are there any health risks of Sprouts?

One major drawback of sprouts is that it can cause foodborne illnesses as it is mostly consumed raw or it is cooked lightly. Raw foods can cause certain foodborne illnesses such as food poisoning and E.colli. Sprouts are grown in a climate condition where it is warm and humid which allows bacteria to grow and survive making them prone to cause diseases. However, the risks can be avoided if the sprouts bought or grown are light in appearance and texture and it is stored at the appropriate temperature.