Growing Relevance of Book Clubs in Schools

Book clubs in schools

Book clubs in schoolsIt is often said that books are a person’s best friend. The art of reading helps an individual travel across borders, reach uncharted territories and widen one’s horizons. Inculcating reading habit is rewarding, if started at an early age. What can be a better idea than to start book clubs for children in schools? It will not only help the kids to develop their imagination and creativity but also improve their literary skills.

Reading is perceived as a progressive social phenomenon that shapes an individual’s outlook. It is an ideal tool to help people in getting access to a wide gamut of subjects and raising the bar in terms of knowledge. In brief, it draws people into a more creative life.

In this context, the book clubs serve as an engine for self-discovery.

CBSE’s efforts to encourage reading among students

With this frame of mind, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), launched a project to encourage reading among the school children. It was the first of its kind initiative. CBSE has now recommended a collection of books, from various publications, to the students. This list includes 14 books of Katha, which is a charitable organization based in New Delhi. Out of these 14 books from non-fiction and fiction category, seven are English and seven are Hindi..

CBSE’s another initiative is the CCE – Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation, which further fosters bonding with the art of reading. Under the formative assessment of CCE, all the schools are advised to take up several reading projects and use different modes of assessment like discussion, open houses, book reviews, author interaction, etc. CBSE affiliated schools also have the option of selecting the books of their choice, for which the students are not required to pay.

Purpose of Leading Reading Schools of India Awards

In the year 2013, Young India Books started the annual Leading Reading Schools of India Awards for recognising and honouring five leading schools that believe in the power of reading and are helping inculcate the love for reading books.

Events involving students across the country are organised during the award ceremony. These events help them develop language skills and create a platform for them to showcase their talents.

The winning schools receive a commendation, a hamper of books and a year-long membership of Bombay Natural History Society. Prizes are also distributed to the children in senior as well as junior categories. Special token of appreciation is provided to the librarians of these five schools who encourage and motivate the students for reading.

With ‘Wild about Wildlife’ being the theme for 2015 Leading Reading Schools of India Awards, thel students will not only discover the joy of reading but the facts about flora and fauna will also give the young minds some food for thought.

The book clubs are increasingly seen as a novel idea to keep students happily engaged. As such clubs are gaining the recognition they deserve, more and more schools are likely to follow suit and set up their book clubs.