Handwritten Notes vs Digital Notes

Handwritten Notes vs Digital Notes
Which one will you prefer? Handwritten Notes or Digital Notes
Handwritten Notes vs Digital Notes
Which one will you prefer? Handwritten Notes or Digital Notes

In today’s era, each one of us has become technology friendly. Our day begins with messages and night ends with e-mails, messages and calls. Life without digitally compatible devices will now become monotonous. But do they really work as a life driving force? Most of us have become so lethargic and have given up on writing, but its advantages still can’t be denied. Also, the importance of digital notes can’t be neglected. So, taking these points in consideration this read is framed. Do ponder on these points stated below, as today they would help you to frame your notes depending upon your nature of work.

Merits of Handwritten Notes and Their Usage:

  • Acts as an everlasting document

The foremost quality of handwritten notes is that it acts as a permanent record. Whenever it is required you can immediately collect the important information from these preserved documents.

  • Stops you from wasting your money

Each one of us knows that these notes do not require huge expenditure. A notebook and a pen will help you to write and maintain data so that it could become a storehouse of information.

  • Avoids distraction

Have you ever come across someone who while working on computers, laptops and mobiles have not accessed their social media accounts? Probably each one of us has some cheat codes while working on these digital tools. So, if you have exams and you don’t have much time to prepare than we can bet you that your handwritten notes will be your saviour.

  • Forces you to think critically

Doesn’t this term “critical” scare us? Yes, it does but one must keep in mind that writing after thinking helps our thought process to evolve, expand and grow it leads to the connection of ideas which would further help to build critical thinking.

  • Enhances learning ability

Okay! We know that we are humans and can’t retain things for a longer period. But do you know that the handwritten notes are effective for short-term and long-term memory recall? The reason behind it is that those words and sentences were written by us on a piece of paper evoking critical thinking and in our own handwriting. These notes will always serve as cues whenever we would try to recall the context and content of the original lecture. This play between the pen and hand at the same time helps to keep hold of thoughts for a longer duration of time.

Some disadvantages of handwritten notes include:

  • Time-consuming

Handwritten notes serve all purposes, well from retaining the things till preventing the wastage of time and money. But each one of us knows how much time it consumes. As one must think first and then write. Also, while writing we keep on adding and subtracting data which might prove to be dangerous. If you have a shortage of time, avoid handwritten notes.

  • Language issues

The notes which we prepare writing on our own increases the chance of grammar and spelling mistakes. As the errors can’t be checked or corrected easily.

  • Less information can be displayed

What if we have lots of syllabi to cover and just thought of making assignments and approaching exams is giving nightmares? What will we do? Shall we go to the cafe or shall we open our laptops and cherish the sight of digital notes, as less time and efforts are required. Such huge information will be displayed without wasting precious time. On the contrary, it becomes next to impossible to display the huge quantity of organized data merely on the sheets of paper.

Benefits of Digital Notes and Their Uses:

  •  Less time consuming and more data storage

Are you in a hurry and must maintain a record of enormous data? Then worry not. We can promise you that digital notes will surely help you to compile a larger volume of data, by preventing your time loss and they could be made easily using many compatible devices.

  • Fewer chances of errors

Making of digital notes will reduce the chance of grammar and spelling mistakes, as so many applications are available these days which could immediately recognize your errors and correct them on the spot.

  • Helps in mass communication

Once the things are noted by you on the compatible devices, there is no need to write it again. Which makes an easy job a tedious one. So, message or content written once could be immediately sent to all the people without wasting any time. This also leads to the seamless integration of technologies which are required for mailing, scanning, printing and so on.

  • Can easily Be edited

Have you ever met any human without any flaws? Surely not. Errors and mistakes are the part of human existence but, using fluid and eraser hampers the productivity of our work. So, the best solution to this problem is the creation of digital notes which could easily be edited anytime, anywhere without any issues, could be saved easily in a readable format.

  • No stationary is required

If you are travelling in Metro or car and you immediately come across any important business call, all you would need is stationary to write important information. But if you have your mobile in your pocket, life will become sorted.

  • Acts as a planet saver

Using paper leads to reckless cutting of trees. Therefore, to avoid this deforestation usage of digitally compatible devices will save our planet.

Some Demerits of Digital Notes include:

  • Doesn’t shapes critical thinking

Digital notes can be prepared using the internet. These notes can be created easily by using various shortcuts such as cut, copy and paste. This leads to less interaction of thoughts and hence doesn’t involve critical thinking.

  • Technological issues may lead to the destruction of notes

Sometimes the technological equipment we are using might not function due to any damage, malfunction, loss or theft. This kind of issues ultimately lead to the destruction of notes which were made after the compilation of research.

What would You Prefer?

Practically both the types of notes can be used simultaneously. It depends on the nature and kind of work one is dealing with. The students must prefer handwritten notes as it would help them to retain important facts and information for the longer duration of time. Whereas, for the big firms, it’s not possible to maintain such voluminous data in the form of handwritten notes. Now the choice is yours, which mode would you prefer to have?


“Come on! Get up its not time to be lazy, you have work which needs to be completed on time. Your one wisely taken decision would help you to get rid of the bundle of work kept on your table. Now, it’s on you how sharply you act”.