Know about the Haritha Haram programme

“Nuclear arms and Global warming are the major two threats to the human existence,” Noam Chomsky, a World-renowned, living public intellectual, stated in his book named Hegemony or Survival: America’s quest for Global Dominance.

Surprisingly, both threats are man-made. One of them, Global warming, is a remarkable phenomenon that indeed leaves a significant impact, and it’s undoubtedly all about how we deal with it that decides the fate of the whole human race. Annual summits, reviews on climate change by non-governmental and governmental organizations, the United Nations and other bodies contributed to handling the crisis. Indeed, it’s in the world’s governments to take proper steps in handling the situation. But, unfortunately, many governments run Tree plantation drives as the primary step towards solving climate change. 

 Similarly, the state government launched a people-driven programme named “Haritha Haram” (greenery garland) on July 3, 2015. The program’s primary objective is to increase the green cover from 24% to 33% in the state.

 What are its primary objectives?

  • To plant no less than 230 crores of plants all through the state.
  • Its respectable points are establishing 40000 seedlings in every town and 40 lakh seedlings in every gathering electorate.
  • To effectively satisfy these galactic objectives, current horticultural strategies have been taken on and required progressed hardware has likewise been authorized.
  • The government needs to investigate every possibility to understand the green objective. Accordingly, unique boards have been made at each administration level, I.e. from the State level to Gram Panchayats, and ensure that the proposed goals be accomplished viably.
  • The Forest office and the Department of Agriculture have been involved effectively in successfully evaluating the endurance paces of the established seedlings.


The public authority of Telangana directed establishing 130 crores of saplings in non-timberland regions and 100 crores in backwoods areas. It shaped panels at town and area levels. Respective orders were given to Individuals working in panchayats, districts, and organizations. The public authority also looked for active interest from people in general. The road ranch group deals with plantings along the thruways. It enhances our streets and goes about as lung spaces, particularly in metropolitan regions where carbon dioxide is high because of traffic. Foundations such as schools, universities, clinics and government premises having open spaces took up planting every year in July. 

To strengthen the planting system, the public authority provides grants to partners, including people, general delegates, NGOs, Government associations, and corporates like Haritha Mithra. Besides, celebrities took up the green challenge as part of the program, becoming its face.


It resulted in backlash considering the kind of implementation, and it also raised their concern over the protection of the saplings. However, government authorities claim there have been substantial measures to safeguard the plantings, like placing nets covering a sapling.