Know about the Structure of an Event Management Organization

An event management organization is a group of individuals whose job is to arrange events and manage their customers’ design, planning, and execution of these events. Event management organizations have multiple categories of work, and the employment roles are classified into several categories or levels. The hierarchical structure may differ depending on the firm’s size, although most large organizations have a similar ladder of ranks.

Event Management Organization Hierarchy

The following explanation will help you in better understanding the event management organization’s hierarchy:

Event Director

The event director is the most significant and highest-ranking role in an event management organization or team’s hierarchical chart. They are in charge of coordinating and overseeing the seamless operation of the entire event.

Programmer Coordination Department

This department is in charge of event coordination and ensures that everything goes smoothly and synchronously, from ceremonies to tabulation. It also has several additional job positions, as listed below:

  • Event coordinator
  • Event planner
  • Computer scorer
  • Ceremony manager
  • Programmer coordinator

Venue Coordination Department

The venue coordinating department is the other department that an event director oversees or leads. This department is led by the Venue Coordinator and is responsible for environmental control, risk management, setup crew, and venue reservations. It also has some additional job positions, as listed below:

  • Risk manager
  • Environment controller
  • Booking manager
  • Set up team manager
  • Volunteer manager
  • Volunteers

Equipment Coordination Department

Larger event management organizations use whole departments to watch after equipment such as sound equipment, transportation equipment, and maintenance equipment since an event requires various equipment. It also has several additional job positions, as listed below:

  • Sound manager
  • Transport manager
  • Driver
  • Cleaning manager
  • Cleaning team member
  • Musicians
  • Dancers

Promotion Coordination Department

Since an event requires advertising and promotion, the following responsibilities are delegated to a promotion coordination department: publicity, media liaison, media kits, and promotion events. It also has some additional job positions, as listed below:

  • Promotion coordinator
  • Publicity manager
  • Marketing manager
  • Media expert
  • Sales expert
  • Sales executive
  • Marketing executive

Officials Coordination Department

This department includes numerous sub-positions such as umpires, referees, marshals, and masters of ceremonies. However, it is not necessarily a component of a middle or small-sized event management organization. It also has some additional job positions, as listed below:

  • Umpires
  • Referees
  • Marshal
  • Master of ceremonies
  • Official coordinator manager

Hospitality Coordination Department

Hospitality is an essential element of every event, and more prominent organizations have hospitality coordination teams to handle things like catering, reception, and sponsorships. Depending on the organization’s size, this department may have several positions, such as catering or reception. Some additional job positions are listed below:

  • Caterer
  • Sponsorship executive
  • Hospital manager

Merchandising Coordination Department

The merchandising coordinating department is another department that is part of an event management organization. This department is in charge of duties such as sales, prizes, and volunteer outfitting.

  • Merchandising manager
  • Sales Team