Role of Education In The Lives of Indian Kids

Role of Education In The Lives of Indian Kids


Education And Its Importance

Education plays a pivotal role in the life of every individual. It has always been a building-block of one’s personality. Education is not about scoring well in exams. Its all about learning new things and increasing our knowledge.

Since kids are the future of our nation, we must raise them with good ethics and education so that they become responsible individuals in future. It gives them the capability to understand what is right and what is wrong for them.When a child grows up with an excellent education and good morals, the country will flourish.

Good Parenting- First Step To Kid’S Education

Parents play a vital role in establishing early childhood development in their child. The first exposure to education which the child gets is at home. The family is the first school in a child’s life. They play a crucial role in shaping kid’s future.

As kids spend most of their time at home, the parents should give them a healthy environment. An unhealthy environment will hamper a kid’s development. Thus, parents should make their home a good place for learning.

Parents are just like a potter, who moulds the shape of the pot as he wants. It is important for parents to impart good moral values like respect for the elders, helping people, sharing with others and the like in their child from his childhood. As a parent, they should inspire them to try new and innovative things.

Setting Up Of Play Schools

Play schools have immensely contributed in building the foundation of a kid’s overall personality. It helps in preparing a child to get admission in the desired school. These schools develop social and academic skills in small kids. They make the child more disciplined and punctual. The kids are sent to play schools when they are between 2-3 years of age. Play schools help kids familiarise with the idea of going to formal schools. These schools prepare children to face the world.

Innovative Methods To Teach Kids

The methodology to be used in teaching Indian kids should be innovative. The biggest challenge which the teacher faces is to capture the attention of kids in the class. The main motive of the education system today is to leave a long-lasting impact of the lesson on the minds of the kids. They should be able to recollect what is taught in the class after they go home.

Every child is different and adheres to a different teaching technique. Once you teach them with their preferred learning style, they will never fail to surprise you. Some of the innovative methods used by teachers to teach kids and make the classes more interesting are:-

Visual learning
The kids learn a lot by seeing. Incorporating pictures, icons, charts, diagrams and colors in your teaching methods will arouse the interest of the child.

Hearing and learning
Changing a lesson into a storytelling will increase the interest of kids in the lesson. Usage of sing-alongs in the class will elevate the moods of children in the class.

Puzzles and games
Introducing lessons to kids with the help of puzzles and games will engage them more in the class. They will actively participate in such activities.

Take classes outside the room
When we take kids outside the classroom, they will learn and remember the things taught much faster. Organize field trips having relevance to the lessons.

Role Play
It is the most apt method to teach kids of any age group. By this method, they can quickly understand the lesson taught in class.

Smart Learning
Teaching kids is much more of a task than teaching a grown-up student. It is important to give them a right direction to understand and interpret things. They tend to lose interest very quickly if they are not approached with the right technique of teaching.

Smart learning is the blending of education with entertainment. It not only makes the ordinary classrooms full of life but also develops the interest of kids in learning. It involves the combination of audio and video tools which are used effectively to elevate the curiosity of kids to learning. This approach uses games, toys, podcasts, film, television, etc. in the learning sessions.

Smart learning has become a trending technique adopted by many schools today. The concept of the blackboard is losing its existence after the emergence of this learning. And, when it comes to kids, leisure is more important than academics. Kids love it when learning becomes fun.

Child Illiteracy
Even after so much development in the education sector, there are still some children in India who do not have access to basic education. Lack of literacy poses a threat to the development of kids as well as of the country.

The reasons behind child illiteracy majorly comprise of the financial crisis. Since the large population of the country is below the poverty level, they cannot afford to send their children to good schools. In villages and backward areas, the schools run by the government are less resulting in widespread illiteracy. In order to run the household, the parents are left with no option but to send their kids to work to earn a living for the family.

It is very important to introduce the importance of education to them. With the lack of education, there is a chance that they can become a menace to the society.

Government Initiatives To Fight Child Illiteracy

The Government of India has introduced many schemes to improve the education system in India. Schemes like “Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan” and “Mid-day Meals” programmes have been adopted by the government to bring kids from poor families to schools. The government is also setting up schools in the backward areas to increase the literacy rate of India.

Every child must go to school as everyone has equal rights to education. The growth and development of any country depend on the quality of education its citizens receive from their childhood. Every kid is special in his/her own way. We must identify their potential and guide them in the right direction. After all, today’s kids will be the future of tomorrow.