Why Educational Institute Should Have Counsellors?

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The importance of mental health is still not fully understood by many. Pre-existing stigmas regarding the psychological health of an individual is not yet much normalised. Although many institutions and other health professionals are working together to spread awareness, it is still a negative norm in many places. Schools and other educational institutions are a great way to make students and their parents better understand mental health and how much it is crucial for all. Many schools have started hiring counsellors to help students struggling with issues that are disrupting their mental health.

Students often struggle to manage their time in terms of studying efficiently and balancing it with their social and personal life. They also struggle to organise their timetables, which task or homework to complete first and which one next- how much time is efficient enough for each subject or task. Some students live far away from campus, some students take part in extracurricular activities, and many are occupied with other things. It often leaves the students under stress in terms of how they will manage their timetables. This is one main reason why educational institutes should have counsellors. The counsellor will be able to help the students with organising their timetables. Managing timetables or organising work, but counsellors can also help students with their problems destroying their studies, personal and social life, and mental well-being. Parents or students might hesitate to find and visit a counsellor outside, and educational institutes are a reliable resource for both the students and parents where they are trusted to hire professionals who will be successful in helping the students.

Many students face problems in adjusting to a new environment when they newly join an educational institute. Available counsellors can help them overcome those issues, so their education is not disputed. Many students leave their home town, or countries sometimes to study, go through a lot of stress in adjusting to the new place, and feel upset or sad about living away from home and family. Counsellors will be able to help them strategise ways to manage their studies and adjust to the new area they shifted into.

The role of counsellors is to provide support and guidance to individuals struggling with different aspects of life that disrupt their lifestyle, mental and physical well being. Having counsellors in schools will better promote the importance of mental health and help the students who face different problems that they fail to share with someone else. And having counsellors in other institutions like universities will help students who struggle with their lifestyle and routine, also inspire them to help their peers. They can promote the importance of mental health, the benefits it comes along with and break the pre-existing adverse norms regarding psychological health and visiting therapists. Every educational institute should make sessions with counsellors for students free and available at any time.