MapsofIndia Constituency Analysis | Top Candidates of Bawana for Delhi Elections 2020

Delhi Map Highlighting Location of Bawana Assembly Constituency
Map of Delhi depicting location of Bawana Assembly Constituency
Delhi Map Highlighting Location of Bawana Assembly Constituency
Map of Delhi depicting location of Bawana Assembly Constituency

Post Results: In the state Assembly elections 2020, Jai Bhagwan of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) won from Bawana with a vote margin of over 95,715 votes. He was contesting election against Ravinder Kumar of Bhartiya Janata Party and Surender Kumar of the Congress.

Key Facts of Bawana Assembly Constituency and its Top Candidates for Delhi Assembly Election:

Bawana Assembly Constituency is a reserved seat for the Scheduled Castes (SCs). It is a part of the North West Delhi Lok Sabha constituency. The constituency is located along the Haryana border. Large numbers of villages are situated in the constituency. The major vote banks are people from Jat, Dalit, and Purvanchal communities. Bawana Vidhan Sabha constituency is going to witness a head-on fight between the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

The major candidates of the Bawana assembly constituency in the 2020 Vidhan Sabha Election are Jai Bhagwan Upkar from AAP, Ravinder Kumar Indraj from BJP, and Surender Kumar from Indian National Congress (INC).

The 2020 Bawana Assembly Constituency election details:

Date of Election

February 8

Date of Result Announcement

February 11

Bawana Assembly Constituency: Snapshot

  • Delhi’s Bawana Assembly Constituency was created in 1993.

  • It is part of the North West Delhi Lok Sabha constituency and North West Delhi district. Bawana Vidhan Sabha seat is located along the Haryana border.

  • The major localities in Bawana Vidhan Sabha constituency are Punjab Khor Village, Village Jat Khor, Village Qutabgarh, Mungeshpur Village, Village Katewara, Village Bajitpur Thakaran, Village Nangal Thakaran, Auchandi Village, Village Harewali, Daryapur Kalan Village, Village Bawana, Ishwar Colony Bawana, Indraj Colony Bawana, Vijay Nagar Colony Bawana, J J Colony A-Block, B-Block C-Block D-Block, E-Block, F-Block, G And L-Block, H And K-Block, Village Budhanpur Majra, Village Salahpur Majra, Village Chandpur Dabas, Sultanpur Dabas Village, Pooth Khurd Village, Barwala Village, Prahlad Pur Banger Village, Begum Pur Village, Rajiv Nagar/Begam Pur Village, Rajiv Nagar Block-A, Rajiv Nagar Block-B, Rajiv Nagar Block-C, Rohini Sector-22, Rajiv Nagar, Begum Pur Block-D, Rajiv Nagar, Begum Pur Block-E, Rajiv Nagar Extn. Begum Pur, Begam Pur Block-A, Block-B, Block-C & D, Block-E,F,K, Block-G,H, Block-I, L,M,N, Block-I, L,M,N, Block-O,Q,R, and many more.

  • This constituency was a Congress-stronghold from 1998 up to 2008 Assembly elections. Though INC has been losing assembly elections since 2013 in this seat, it has been securing over 24% votes (except for 2015 it received just over 7% votes).

  • Bawana assembly seat is predominantly a rural constituency. Some of the major villages in this Vidhan Sabha constituency are Punjab Khor, Bajitpur Thakaran, Salahpur Majra, Qutabgarh, Daryapur Kalan, Auchandi, Mungeshpur, etc.

  • Major housing colonies located in this assembly segment are JJ Colony, Indraj colony, and Vijay Nagar Colony.

  • Most of the population belongs to the Jat, Dalit, and Purvanchali communities. Purvanchalis constitute around 35% of the total voters in this Jat-dominated constituency.

  • Three types of residents are found in this constituency: original inhabitants, migrant population, and industrial workers. Most of the original inhabitants are dependent upon farming. The migrant population, mostly Purvanchalis, is involved in daily labors such as rickshaw pulling. The industrial workers mainly live in the housing colonies.

  • The sex ratio in this constituency is highly skewed against the females. There are only 788 females per 1,000 males.

Name of Assembly Constituency


Constituency Type

Reserved for Scheduled Castes (SCs)

District Name

North West Delhi

Lok Sabha Constituency

North West Delhi

Total Registered Voters

3,03,108 total voters

Total Registered Male Voters

1,69,464 male voters

Total Registered Female Voters

1,33,614 female voters

Total Registered Third Gender Voters

30 transgender voters

Main Rivals of Bawana Constituency in 2020 Delhi Legislative Assembly Election

In the 2020 assembly election, the main contest will be between the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) candidates in this constituency.

Political Party Name

Name of Candidate

Political History


Jai Bhagwan Upkar

 – Jai Bhagwan Upkar is a former BSP councilor in Municipal Corporation of Delhi. He joined AAP in January 2020. He has been given the ticket by denying ticket to the sitting MLA Ram Chander as many in the residents feel that the sitting MLA was not able to meet the local needs of people. To overcome these incumbency factors, AAP has declared a new candidate from the constituency.


Ravinder Kumar Indraj

 – He is contesting this poll by highlighting the development agenda put forward by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.


Surender Kumar

 – He has become MLA from this constituency thrice (1998, 2003, and 2008).


Ranjit Ram


Abhipsa Chauhan

Aapki Apni Party (Peoples)


Main Issues/Factors in 2020 Delhi Assembly Election’s Bawana Constituency

Bawana assembly constituency’s main issues/factors in 2020 Vidhan Sabha election are:

  • Lack of sanitation facilities is a big problem in rural areas. There are very few public toilets in the constituency, which is dominated by rural areas. Women also have to go to defecate in the open, which is a risky thing in this part of Delhi because of the lack of women safety measures.

  • Migrant laborers, mainly from the Purvanchali community, complain about the lack of employment opportunities. Most of them are involved in daily labors, which are also inadequate. Lack of adequate education facilities still remains a problem. The AAP government’s initiative in education is likely to influence the voting pattern of the beneficiaries from the Purvanchali migrants.

  • The crime rate including drug peddling is high in the Bawana assembly constituency. Though heavy crackdown by the police has decreased the robbery incidents by 45%, the crime rate and involvement of youth in drugs remain a serious problem in Bawana. Mobile/chain snatching incidents prevail, which has come up as a huge problem in the constituency area.

  • The housing societies are still facing the dual problem of lack of clean water as well as the frequency of water supply. RO water purifier system has become a necessity for drinking water. Roads are still not in good shape in many parts of Bawana.

  • There are around 16,000 big and small industries in Bawana, employing around lakhs of migrants (mainly from Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, and Rajasthan). Despite such a large concentration of people living in the area, no dispensary is there. The nearest hospital is 15 kilometers away and reaching the place takes lots of time due to huge traffic. A large percentage of these people are expected to vote against the AAP government because of the lack of works done on these fronts. To overcome these incumbency factors, AAP has changed the candidate. It remains to be seen how far AAP remains successful in retaining the seat.

  • The defection of AAP’s Ved Parkash in 2017 is likely to play a significant role in the Bawana assembly constituency in the 2020 Delhi Vidhan Sabha election.

  • A part of the Congress in this constituency is not happy with the nomination of Surender Kumar, which may play spoilsport in the coming election.

Winners of Bawana Constituency in Previous Delhi Assembly Elections

  • Winners and Losers of Bawana Constituency in 2017 Delhi Assembly Election Bypoll

During the 2017 Delhi Legislative Assembly election (Bypoll), AAP’s Ram Chander defeated BJP’s Ved Parkash by 24,052 votes. The poll was necessitated after its sitting MLA from AAP Ved Parkash defected to BJP.


Political Party

Votes Received (Vote Percentage)


Ram Chander


59,886 votes (45.39%)

1,31,950 votes (44.79%)

Ved Parkash


35,834 votes (27.16%)

Surender Kumar


31,919 votes (24.19%)



1,413 votes (1.07%)

  • Winners and Losers of Bawana Constituency in 2015 Delhi Assembly

During the 2015 Delhi Legislative Assembly election, AAP’s Ved Parkash defeated BJP’s Gugan Singh by 50,557 votes.


Political Party

Votes Received (Vote Percentage)


Ved Parkash


1,08,928 votes (58.14%)

1,87,344 votes (61.81%

Gugan Singh


58,371 votes (31.16%)

Surender Kumar


14,749 votes (7.87%)



3,641 votes (1.94%)

  • In 2020, it is won by AAP’s Jai Bhagwan
  • In 2013, it was won by BJP’s Gugan Singh

  • In 2008, it was won by INC’s Surender Kumar

  • In 2003, it was won by INC’s Surender Kumar

  • In 1998, it was won by INC’s Surender Kumar

  • In 1993, it was won by BJP’s Chand Ram

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