The Rise of K-pop in India, Know about the Korean popular music

BTS Korean Music
BTS (Image Credit: Twitter @bts_bighit)

The Korean trend has been around for many years now. Still, thanks to the surge in OTT platform users in this lockdown, people have found a new marvel – the k-dramas, k- beauty that is all about clean and dewy skin coupled with the rising fame of Korean music or k-pop is at a shockingly fast rate. This wave of Korean culture is known as Hallyu, the Korean wave. The pandemic allowed people ample time to explore different cultures and movies, which has brought us to the new age of Korean brands, bands and actors ruling everyone’s hearts.

K-pop and its army

K-pop fan or not, today, everyone is well aware of the Korean boy band BTS, which is as of now the biggest boy band in the world. The seven band members are the complete package with superb dancing, singing and performing skills. Their fans are the BTS army, and they’re an actual army of people across all age groups and genders with a love for their music that transcends beyond language barriers. Although many people try to undermine k-pop for being a ‘teenage girls interest’, trends in India have shown that most millennials and Gen z are familiar and fans of this music today. Not only this, but the band has used their fame for doing good as well. In 2017, BTS launched their campaign for non-violence in partnership with UNICEF, called love myself. Their songs and devotion to their fans have helped many young people find a new love for life and a music appreciation everywhere.

K-dramas and charity

Long gone are the days of Indian daily soaps. The new generations are tired of reincarnated actors or genetically impossible people born with similar faces across the country. Kdramas, although fictional, bring a touch of modernity, corporate environment and enough love for the hopeless romantic inside all of us. These shows not only capture Korea’s natural beauty, but they also have diverse and different storylines with a touch of magic and Korean cuisine. Did we mention the romantic comedy?

What might be a lesser-known fact is the impact of these romantic shows on people and the love that it generates. The Korean hit drama “crash landing on you” started a cult following all over India, with over 100 alumni of IIM coming together on a group chat, acquainted through their love for the show. Upon the show’s lead actors announcing their official real-life relationship, this alumnus group donated about 67,000 rupees equal to 10,21,592.85 Korean won to Mumbai dabbawalas as a gesture of appreciation and goodwill.

Thanks to fast streaming net providers at lower costs in India, today in the top three countries contribute the most views to Korean music videos. Korean shows such as crash landing on you, it is okay not to be okay, descendants of the sun, among others, have been on Netflix’s top 10 and India’s trending list many times in the past year. It might only be the beginning of what will soon become a cultural reset and phenomenon that shakes the whole world with their catchy tunes, distinct storylines and devoted performers.