Awesome Start to Jaipur Literature Festival

Mini Cooper
What is this Mini Cooper Doing?
Music Sets Stage for Jaipur Literature Festival
It is music which gets Jaipur Lit Fest going

I like the way Jaipur Literature Festival gets going, music sets the stage and literature follows. It is like the team at Jaipur Lit Fest wants you to tune yourself to “here and now” and cut yourself off from all the trash which is happening inside your mind. It works for me and I am sure, it works for others too.

Sanjoy Roy at Jaipur Literature Festival
Sanjoy spoke straight from heart, and that is the connect.

He is the man who knows what he is doing and who knows whatever hell breaks loose, he would still keep doing what he is doing. Sanjoy Roy spoke straight from the heart and said in no uncertain words that he is all for freedom of speech by all authors and that is what this festival is all about. Of course he doesn’t wish for more controversies, but he was extremely clear that he opts for freedom to speak over controversies this festival gets into.

Margret Alva at Jaipur Literature Festival
The Governor of Rajasthan Margret Alva

The Governor of Rajasthan was the guest of honor and she did bring grace to the opening ceremony. She spoke well from her prepared speech and her comment about “the Kumbh Mela” of literature which is growing every year in stature was received very well.

Amartya Sen at Jaipur Literature Festival
Professor Amartya Sen Smiled Often And Had Everyone Laughing.

Professor Sen was not reading any whitepaper on the Indian Economy or the State of the Indian Nation but all that he said can well make its way to that. The way Professor Sen married humor to economics and the state of our nation was awesome. It made  economics look so simple and the nation’s problems non-issues, if the intent to solve them was there. This man is brilliant and he speaks like someone who is always been seeking and suggesting solutions and hoping for them to be implemented.

It was a great pleasure for me to be here, at the inauguration and keynote address of the Zee- Jaipur Literature Festival 2014. I feel privileged and my heart goes out and acknowledges my need to be here for the feed which keeps my mind going.

… And keeping my eyes open to show you some interesting “objects & events” happening on the side.

Mini Cooper
What is this Mini Cooper Doing?

More posts would follow.