Get, Set, Go – Jaipur Literature Festival Opens Tomorrow

Jaipur Literature Festival
Venues are beautiful

Of course no one expects you to swim through the pool to go to the venue, but you can if you wish too. Pool is all clear and set for a swim. The whole Diggi Palace, Jaipur gets a big facelift for the Jaipur Literature Festival. Fresh coats of paint,  brass and artifacts polished and shining. It is a dream venue from all angles.

Jaipur Literature Festival Diggi Palace
Art and Literature go together

Isn’t it beautiful? Yes, it is. I will say creativity at its best. For those of us who have been here before, it is like walking through this map. It is real and there is no way it would not leave an imprint on you.

Chatrion Wala Raasta at Jaipur Literature Festival
Umbrellas hung upside down covering the main walkway.

Each umbrella has a design component to show off, and an inspiration to take home. Jaipur is colourful and this walkway is a great attempt in bringing out the essence and feel of being in Jaipur so beautifully.

Seat arrangement at Jaipur Literature Festival
Chairs and Chairs everywhere, but it would be difficult to find one tomorrow.

Wow! Looks so beautiful, straight out of a Bollywood movie set, come tomorrow and it won’t look like this anymore. Chairs are bound to be far less than the occupants. To say for every chair out here there would be 6 contenders would be an understatement. Some would just ensure that they don’t do a lot of venue hopping to ensure that they get to keep their seat and action would be in every venue anyway.

Sanjoy Roy at Jaipur Literature Festival
Sanjoy is cool, he has faith…

It needs faith in everyone to get an event of this magnitude going and Sanjoy has that in him. Sanjoy Roy is the man who runs the show at Teamworks, the company which produces Jaipur Literature festival every year. He has faith on his abilities, his teams’ capabilities and knows all what it takes to keep the show going and growing year after year.

Be there on time, the first performance in the Front lawns is at 9:25 AM on January 17, 2014.