Highlights of the EICMA 2019 Annual Two-wheeler Show

Harley Davidson's new electric motorcycle
Harley Davidson’s new electric bike Pan America

Harley Davidson Pan America

Harley Davidson has forayed into a territory that they’ve never stepped in before. Their iconic electric model livewire has been so well received that this time they’ve decided to throw something totally unexpected at their audience. These last couple of years, the company has taken the word adventure rather literally, sponsoring the X-Games and featuring in a pop music video. It’s all been a ploy to get to their ultimate endgame for this year. The motorcycle manufacturer has come up with their very first Adventure tourer, called the Pan America, and it’s claimed to be every bit true to its name. They are the first-ever leap into adventure motorcycling; the bike also features a brand new liquid-cooled V twin-engine, long-travel front forks and all-terrain knobby tyres.