Zero Discrimination Day | March 1 Means Zero Tolerance to Discrimination

International Zero Discrimination Day
March 1 is International Zero Discrimination Day.
International Zero Discrimination Day
March 1 is International Zero Discrimination Day.

March 1 is observed globally as the Zero Discrimination Day to provide the right to everyone to live a peaceful, productive and dignified life. The purpose of this day is to promote peace and create brotherhood to end all forms of discriminations. UNAIDS is resolved to provide equal treatment of patients who have HIV and AIDS.

No Discrimination: UNAIDS seeks women empowerment

At present, the United Nations Programme on HIV and AIDS (UNAIDS) has been working against the discrimination faced by women and girls globally. The organisation is trying to raise awareness and creating confidence among them to promote equality. The situation should be designed to make women and girls more powerful so that they can stand shoulder to shoulder with their opposite sex.

Discrimination on rampage

The word discrimination means unfair treatment with a person or group of people regarding their religion, gender, race, caste, sex, age, and so on. Even though enhancement in education and strict laws in all countries, discrimination itself is a wide-spread problem throughout the world which has not been curbed. UNAIDS, for the first time, observed zero Discrimination Day in 2013. Meanwhile, in the next year in 2014 UN and several other organisations jointly celebrated that day on March 1 to combat ongoing atrocities and oppression.

AIDS biggest killer of women

On Zero Discrimination Day in 2020, UNAIDS has said that there is an urgent need to take action against the fugitive laws. It has declared that AIDS remains the biggest killer of women aged 15-49 years. UNAIDS chief executive said, “To end AIDS by 2030, we must end gender-based violence, inequality and insecurity and we must ensure that women and girls have equal access to education, health and employment.”

Police brutality continues

The brutality of police is a global issue. Generally, police use excessive and unnecessary force against civilians apart from this they are not behind in physical assault and verbal harassment. In some cases, police are responsible for mental torture, property damage and even death. How to overcome the police atrocities are another tormenting issue across the world.

Zero Discrimination Day reminds us not only to embrace and help needy people and transfer this attitude to them. Hence, we can think of a peaceful society. Otherwise, there is no guarantee of the safety of life, property and the honour of women. Everyone should come forward to reject all kinds of discrimination from the country. First, it is essential to smother the activity of anti-social elements from society, then violence and other crimes could be controlled.