10 Make-up Products to Keep in Your Travel Kit

Necessary make items for travelling

Necessary make items for travellingOnly a true make-up lover can understand the agony of not being able to take along all the stuff on a trip! Deciding what to pack in the travel kit can be a tough call as you don’t want to compromise on your look just because you didn’t have the right stuff with you. With a plethora of products to choose from, it is absolutely exasperating to select a few! So before you end up fretting about the entire idea of travelling, read through this list of 10 travel essentials that can make you look gorgeous on the go!

1. Primer

Travelling makes you stay out for long hours and therefore, it is absolutely essential for your make-up to stay throughout the day. Besides choosing the products that last longer, one must not forget to use a primer before applying the make-up. Prepare your skin by dabbing a few drops of primer on your face for a more refined look.

2. BB Cream/ Tinted Moisturiser

The last thing you would want to do on a trip is to look like a pancake! Smearing a good amount of foundation over a sunscreen-loaded skin can actually leave you in a mess. Plus, you cannot afford to carry so many things in a small kit. This is exactly where a BB cream plays the trick. Perfect for replacing the foundation, BB creams not only gives your face an even tone but also offers the SPF protection of a sunscreen.

3. Concealer

The changing temperatures of the place you are travelling to can make your skin red or lead to an acne breakout. Plus, the lack of proper sleep on a trip can get you dark circles. So to avoid these unpredictable snags, never forget to carry a concealer with you. Using it in the right way can actually make you get rid of all the unnecessary hitches!

4. Neutral Eyeshadow Palette

When in doubt, go for the neutrals! Instead of carrying all your eye shadows along, go for a palette that has some basic neutral shadows. No matter what the occasion is, you can never go wrong with neutral shades that look good with every outfit. Go for colours like Brown, Peach, Black, Grey etc.

5. Gel Eyeliner

Swear by this rule, an eyeliner is an absolute must-have in your make-up kit! A simple stroke of liner can give an instant boost to your face without much an effort. Owing to its versatility, a Gel eyeliner is the best choice for travelling purposes. It can be used both for tight-lining your lashes as well as to create a winged eye. And the best part, they don’t smudge!

6. Cream Blush

While a right choice of blusher can make you look like a natural, the wrong one can spoil your entire look. Since you don’t want your cheeks to resemble that of a clown, always go for natural tints like rose. Also, while on a trip, it is preferable to choose a liquid or a cream blush over the powdered one.

7. Water-proof Mascara

A good pair of lashes is all you need to look incredibly fresh and lively on a trip! Applying a mascara on to your lashes will make them appear bold and beautiful. However, make sure you choose the right applicator. Nothing can define your eyes better than a mascara, therefore, never forget to leave your house without highlighting your lashes!

8. Nude Lipstick

Choosing a lipstick that goes well with all your outfits may not seem like an easy task. The best way to overcome this confusion is to go for a nude shade. Nude lipsticks are a perfect choice for a corporate look. And in case you want to pep up your look for a leisure trip, you can always pair them up with a smoky eye.

9. Compact Powder

HD powder is an extremely important beauty product that you cannot afford to miss in your travel kit! It not only settles down your make-up but also removes the excess of shine on your face. Who wants to look like a frying pan after all? Opt for a loose compact powder for better results.

10. Make-up Wipes

Never in your life commit the mistake of leaving your make-up overnight! No matter how tired you are, always take it off your before dozing off! Carry a pack of make-up wipes to remove or adjust your make-up when required. Convenient and effective, these will leave your face fresh and let your skin breathe!