5 Easy Ways to Get Professional Nail Art at Home

Nail art at home

Nail art at home

When your girlfriend starts nagging, get her a nail art done! A good nail art is the perfect therapy that every girl needs to have once in a while. But going to the salons every time may not be a feasible option, especially if you are too fond of changing your style often. Decking up your nails at home may seem nearly impossible but if you know the right techniques, even the most complex designs can become a child’s play. So, here are five super simple techniques to spruce up your nails with your own creative hand!

1. Using a Loofah Net

Gone are the days when loofahs were only used in the shower! Now you can even create a beautiful nail art with that. All you need is a combination of nail paints to create a two-tone look and a loofah. To begin with, apply one of the nail paints and let it dry. Then put a piece of the loofah as a stencil over your nails and paint them with the other colour. TADA! You have just decked up your nails with a fish-net style nail makeover all by yourself!

2. Using Bobby Pins

Have you always wanted those perfectly round polka dots on your nails but couldn’t get them right? Stress no more as now you can easily design your nails without worrying about the shaky messy dots! Just take simple bobby pin and use the round tip to create that perfect pattern that you have always wanted. Cheetah prints, bubbles or polka dots, choose any design without a hitch.

3. Using a Tape

Only if it was possible to use a scale on the nails, life would have been so much easier! Straight lines on nails can be far more chaotic than the circles. It can hardly be straight enough. So what’s the trick? Using a basic cellotape on your nails can not only give you those perfect lines but also help you invent peculiar designs. For a diagonal split, just stick the tape diagonally over the dried base nail paint and apply the other colour. You can also create intricate designs by pasting tape cutouts.

4. Using a Toothpick

Don’t just dig out left overs from your teeth, use that toothpick to decorate your nails with aesthetic patterns. Put on a base colour and let it dry. Then take two to three colours to put a drop over the nail. Now, use the toothpick to create asymmetrical designs, ombre patterns and even hearts. You can also use it to create a lighting effect on a black nail paint by using a white or a silver colour.

5. Using a Sponge

Did you know that the sponge you use for washing your utensils could also be used to create a granular look on the nails? For a dual effect on your nails, apply a dark base colour and let it dry. Now, spread a few drops of nail paint of a lighter shade (of the same colour or a different one) on the sponge and dab it on your nail to get that granular design. To add more drama, you can use two to three different colours so as to get a rainbow effect. All you need to do is to put a few drops of all the colours one below the other and use a toothpick to conjoin them. Dab the sponge on your nail and you are all set to flaunt the rainbow nails!