5 Fashion Items that are Actually Bad for You

Bad fashion choices

Bad fashion choicesDid you know that most of the fashion choices you make can actually take a toll on your body? When it comes to flaunting style, women have a tendency to break through all the limits to be ahead of all. Whether it’s about spraining their toes because of high heels or shivering in the cold weather for style, these fashion victims can go through any pain, only to look good. While certain accessories can cause distress for a short time, there are some that can leave severe consequences. Here is a list of 5 such daily fashion items that should be replaced from time to time!

1. Skinny Jeans

No matter how tall and sexy you might look in a pair of skin-fit jeans, the fact remains that wearing them daily can give you great pains. Skinny jeans are way too tight for any amount of air to pass in! Also, the tight fit of the jeans exerts pressure on your calves, hips and waist, causing pain in the joints and stomach. Replacing the skinny jeans with a boot-legged or a straight fit jeans is one of the best ways to deal with this issue. You can also opt for palazzos or culottes in the summers to beat the heat stylishly.

2. High Heels

The problem of high-heels is probably one of the oldest and the most common issue that has been spoken about endlessly! Women and heels share a love-hate relationship! No matter how much it hurts, we just can’t resist wearing them. However, the damage caused by high-heels is quite severe and almost irreparable. Walking in heels regularly and that too for a long time can damage your knee-joints, injure your spinal cord and lead to the shortening of your calf muscles. To combat this issue, restrict your usage and replace the pencil heels with wedges or kitten-heels.

3. Oversized Bags

Have you ever thought about the possible damage an oversized bag can do to your body? Well if the answer to that is a “no” then it’s time for you to think again! Women love the bags that can carry all their stuff in one go. But in contrast to this little convenience, is a bigger problem that awaits you when you get used to carrying excess weight on your shoulders. Beginning with a minor shoulder pain, it can lead to severe cervical spondylitis.
So to avoid getting into these issues, you can simply choose two smaller bags instead of one huge bag. You can also minimise the pain by switching the weight between the shoulders.

4. Heavy Jewellery

For something that is supposed to make you look good, damaging your body permanently is not a good choice! The unbound love for jewellery can make women suffer unreasonably. Loading a heavyweight on delicate areas like neck and ears causes great pain leading to severe problems. While wearing heavy neck-pieces can cause cervical and posture issues, heavy earrings can tear-off your ear-lobe. Avoid inflicting such cruelties on yourself and start switching to smaller and lightweight earrings and neck-pieces! If you really need to wear danglers, balance the weight by using an ear-chain to provide support to the earring!

5. Flip-Flops

Flip-Flops become a raging trend in summer! They are fashionable and look extremely comfortable. But when it comes to walking long miles, they should be avoided at all costs. No matter how comfortable they seem to be, they are actually not good for your toes. Flip-flops fail to offer the kind of support the arch of your foot needs. They can also lead to orthopaedic problems and ankle sprains. And the worst part, you are more likely to trip in flip-flops than any other footwear. The best way to avoid this risk is to avoid wearing them as much as possible. Even if you want to, don’t wear them for excessive walking. Also, don’t overuse them as the sole becomes slippery and your have greater chances of tripping!

So, as much as you love fashion, love your body as well! Keep a check on your indulgence and enjoy the best of both the worlds!