5 Major Fashion Hits from Around the World

Fashion from around the world

Fashion from around the worldEven the deadliest of borders across the world cannot impede the free spirit of fashion! From times immemorial, fashion has been a nomad in terms of its realm. It never had any definite boundaries. While every country has its own unique culture, there are trends that have a global reach. Have you ever thought as to where that pair of denims, you casually flaunt, actually came from? Well, if you haven’t, here is a list of some of the most popular trends from around the world that found a home in India!

1. Sharara from Pakistan

Travelling across the border from our immediate neighbour, is this stylish attire that has got the women go bonkers over it! Worn mostly by the Muslim women, a sharara is more like a flared pant that looks almost looks like a skirt. Sharara pants paired with an ankle- length kurti are a raging trend in India these days!

2. Kimonos from Japan

A traditional Japanese dress, Kimonos run high on fashion in India. This elegant attire is straight-cut in design and is tied at the waist. The vibrant colour combinations of this dress are used by the Japanese to convey their political class. The summer trends this year have made it official that Kimonos are the trendiest piece of fashion this year!

3. Kaftans from Dubai

One can actually fall head-over-heals for this ethereal dress worn by the women in the eastern culture! A Kaftan is a flowing-garment usually made of fabrics like Silk, Chiffon and Georgette. The original style found exclusively in Dubai is so comfortable and classy that you can’t just get over it!

4. Ponchos from South America

Just like the Kaftans, a Poncho is yet another piece of comfortable clothing that has been much popular in India. You may feel it’s for the lazy bums, but this unique style is one of the most convenient type of outfits ever discovered! While a poncho can be made from any fabric, the knitted versions are a happening trend for layering up in the autumn.

5. Hippie Style from US

Remember the uber-cool style statement made by Zeenat Aman in Hare Rama Hare Krishna? The hippie culture, that began in the 1950s in America, has been trailing in India ever since the beginning of the golden era! Dressing up in a free-spirited style, reminiscent of the hippies has become a major hit amongst the younger generation. Maxi dresses, mini skirts, loose pants — anything that reflects a slap-happy attitude becomes a trend deriving from the hippie style!