5 Trends that Recreate the Magic of 70s

Dresses that gives look of 70's

Dresses that gives look of 70's

If the trends of Summer 2015 are confounding you with a feeling of déjà vu, you apparently have a good sense of fashion! Blending well with the modern accents of 2015, the hippy motifs of the 70’s have bloomed again with their nostalgia-infused beauty. The eccentric styles and flashy hues rowing through the runways this season clearly indicate the arrival of the retro look. But before you rummage your boxes for the old stuff, take a look at the retro styles that are emblazoning the streets in 2015!

1. Crop Tops

The midriff baring trend that hit the runways last year, gets all the more idiosyncratic this year! Crop tops have had a major influence on the style books of 2015. With the 70’s influence on trends, it just gets a lot more fashionable than ever. Take a pick from styles such as the off-shoulder, the knotted-shirt or the scalloped border to be at your fashionable best!

2. Full Skirt

There is absolutely nothing more stylish than this beautiful silhouette to update your look! One of the most elegant styles to have taken up the runways, the flattering voluminous skirt looks stunningly gracious when worn with a chic monotone top. Choose from a variety of fabrics and hem lengths to match your style.

3. Floral Prints

What defines the 70’s era better than the floral prints! The tropical-inspired flower punch, seen predominantly in the retro look, is back to make your life gleaming and colourful. Ultra-feminine prints in bold colours are all you need for summers this year. Right from pants to the top-wear, florals are everywhere!

4. Flared Pants

Nothing creates the 70’s look as instantly as the wide-legged trouser! The signature style of this era makes a stylish entry on the runways in 2015. While the extra-loose palazzos were a raging trend last year, this year it’s about a more polished look. Swap out your skinnies with this chic style to get an edge over the crowd.

5. Ruffled Dresses

What is a woman’s wardrobe without a pretty dress that makes her look like the ultimate desire? The romantic ruffles of the 70’s are just another reason for you to put away the boring stuff and dress up modishly. Adorn your look by pairing the delicate frills with floral motifs and embroideries.

The psychedelic era of the 70’s is all set to take over the trends this year. But don’t mistake it to be as loud as the original! The trends 2015 bring in a subtle fusion of the retro look with the modern accents. 70’s is the decade of the season and fashionistas all around are going gaga over the bloom and spunk of this era. So what are you waiting for? Get grooving with the retro influence to make your own style statement!