5 Ways to be Comfortable in Heels

5 Ways to be comfortable in Heels
High Heels
5 Ways to be Comfortable in High Heels
High Heels

Be it an office party, a cocktail party, a wedding, or any celebration; if one is in an LBD or a beautiful Patiala suit or even saree, how can one imagine stepping out without heels. But that small thought lurks in the back of the mind. How can one go through the event without feeling the pinch of the heels. On a serious note, high heels can cause long-term harmful effects ranging from foot damage to chronic pain. Well, put the matter to rest, wear those stilettoes and dance the night away; for here are 5 easy ways to be comfortable in heels.

At the very onset, before you wear heels you need to follow the rules mentioned below:

  • Wear the right size shoe. Remember, feet size also changes, especially with an increase or decrease in weight. You must check your feet size at least once a year and measure both the width and the length of your feet.
  • Be aware of your foot type, whether you have a flat foot or a high-arch foot and buy the shoes accordingly.

5 Ways to be comfortable in heels

  1. Tape Your Toes

Taping the third and the fourth toes together takes the pressure off the ball of the foot. There is a nerve that splits between these two toes, and when taped together, the pain reduces considerably.

  1. Gel Insoles

Fitting the gel insoles under the balls of your feet will make you steady in your shoes and you will not slide forward hurting your toes.

  1. Lead With Your Thighs

When you are walking, move your entire leg forward instead of leading with your feet. This will not only give you more balance but also keep you comfortable in heels for a longer period of time.

  1. More Top Coverage

Go in for shoes which have more top coverage with an ankle strap or big wide strap across the top. This will help give you more support and thus you will be less uncomfortable.

  1. Take a Break

Last but not the least, even while the party is on, take regular breaks by sitting for a while. This will take the pressure off your feet and give you immense relief.

Once back home and you remove the heels, exercise your feet by doing some stretches by pointing your toes down and then pulling them back up with the help of a strap.