Paint Your Lips the Colour You Want

Paint Your Lips the Colour You Want
Tips for choosing the right lipstick for your lips
Paint Your Lips the Colour You Want
Tips for choosing the right lipstick for your lips

There is a famous quote that states, ‘Give a woman the right lipstick, and she can conquer the world.’. Lipsticks are one of the most desired makeup accessories and I’m sure every woman must be guilty of having at least a dozen of different lip shades with her. However, are you sure that every single lip shade present in your pouch is perfect for you? Does it really accentuates your lips, making it look like the colour was designed keeping you in mind or does it just solve the simple purpose of applying a lipstick and nothing else? Well, if latter is your answer, then this blog may be an eye opener for you.

Lipsticks, no matter how stunning and beautiful they are, are meant for specific people and we can distinguish in between them by knowing the types of lips we have. Women fall in between the category of having thin and fuller lips and it is on basis of this feature that one should select their lipstick.

Let’s see which type of lipstick would suit you:

Thin Lips

Now, most of the women who are blessed with thin lips secretly hope that a miracle should happen overnight that turn their simpleton thin lips into a fuller, luscious one. But as we all know, ‘If wishes were horses, beggars would fly’. Although, a right shade of lipstick would give your thin lips that much needed fullness that you secretly wish for. All you have to do is pick the following lip shades and see the sudden transformation without spending a single penny on any kind of lip filling surgery. A clear heads up- Don’t forget to use a lip liner as it will give your lips a fuller look.

  • Light Pink

Don’t we all love pink colour? Well it is loved by your thin lips too. Light Pink colour tends to give a full coverage to your lips thereby making your thin lips look luscious. This lipstick is idea for women having fair or light skin tone. Try out HUDA Beauty Showgirl, Mehr by MAC, Lakme 9to5 Blush Book, etc.

  • Peach

This is another colour that adds volume to the lips and is best suited for light skin tone women. Tryout Revlon Colorburst lipstick, Colorbar Velvet Matte Peach Crush, NYX Round Lipstick Heredes, etc.

  • Coral

Over the period of time, coral is the new favourite among the women. It is ideally suited for light skin tone women. To have a stunning effect, try MAC Creamsheen Crosswires, NARS Beautiful Liar, Lotus Purestay Carnation, etc.

  • Mauve

If you have a medium skin tone, then this should be your colour. Being a bit bold colour, it will make your lips seems fuller and will also go with your skin tone. Go and buy Lakme 9to5 Mauve Sorbet, Faces Go Chic Mauve Express, MAC Midi Mauve, etc.

  • Rose

Medium Skin tone women should stay away from light pink and buy Rose tint lipsticks as it is going to compliment their skin tone. Maybelline Pink for Me, Dior Addict Stellar, Sephora Flaming Flamingo is the ideal choice for you.

  • Red and Hot Pinks

Women who are blessed with tan complexion can rock the Red and Hot Pink Shades. MAC Ruby Woo, Rimmel London Stay in Redical, Maybelline Ruby for Me (Red) and Revlon Cherries in the Snow, L’Oreal Passionate Petal, NYX Doll (Hot Pinks) are some excellent buys for you.

Full Lips

Women having full lips are blessed as any colour suits them. They don’t need to picky when it comes to lip shades. However, they should remain away from glossy and glittery texture as they tend to make their full lips appear thin. Some of the best suited colours for you are-

  • Red

Oh those Marilyn Monroe red lips. Don’t we all secretly want to carry that look? Well, good news for women with full lips as you can be your very own version of Marilyn Monroe. MAC Ruby Woo, Rimmel London Stay in Redical, Maybelline Ruby for Me and Revlon Cherries in the Snow are your colours.

  • Berry

This lip shade is versatile and looks fantastic on full lips irrespective of the skin tone. MAC Rebel, Rimmel Cutting Edge, Maybelline Berry Brilliant and Revlon Raisin Range should be some of your picks.

  • Cotton Candy Pink

This colour gives your lips an instant plump that makes them look more desirable. You should buy Faces Pink Promise, Nykaa Khoob-Surat, Sugar Mauve Pink and Lakme Lush Rose.

So, the next time you are on lipstick shopping spree, don’t forget to try out these colours (depending on your skin tone and lips) and be ready to rock the world with a tinge of lipstick.

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