Ten Bags You Must Own in 2015

Handbags for women

Handbags for womenPlanning to pep up your wardrobe with a new carryall? Before you hit the streets hunting for an eye-catching splurge, be sure to know about the styles that will blaze the runway this year. Here is a quick brush-up on the kind of bags you should definitely own in 2015!

1. Saddles

Rekindling the golden era to add style to the present is no less than a fashion statement! This year, it’s time to return to the 70s as the horse-rider saddles make a gleaming return on the runway. Forget the brown leather, now you can make a statement with suede, snake skin, stripes and even colour-blocks for that extra chic look.

2. Hobo Bags

As essential as a pair of jeans, Hobo bags are a must-have for every woman! With a crescent shape and a small strap that settles well on the shoulder, these bags make for a good body-friendly silhouette that blends style and comfort. Hobo Bags are a perfect carryall for a woman with modernity and boldness.

3. Minaudiere

A Minaudiere is a very sleek ornamental case that is almost considered to be a jewellery piece. The exquisiteness of this petite fashion accessory makes it perfect for the evenings. Minaudieres are mostly blingy and metallic. You can choose from a variety of shapes like round, square or even abstract to look modishly elegant.

4. Bucket Bags

Witnessing a universal appeal, the bucket bags are here to stay! Luxury designers have been trying to get their hands on this trend that has been flowing since last year. The onset of spring has revitalised the look by altering the materials and detailing. You can play around with classic black leather, hues of mints, monochromes and even tie and die prints.

5. Cross-body Miniatures

With enough baggage on our minds, who wants to carry an extra one in the hand? When it comes to the size, your carryall should always be one that is low on maintenance. Oversized chunky bags have so lost their worth this year. The sweet miniatures are the new frontrunners on the runway. The smaller the size, the bigger the statement! These tiny crossovers are not only high on style but equally hassle-free as well.

6. Boxy Bags

Known to be the most ladylike silhouettes, Boxy bags have added a fair deal of sharpness in the style. Do away with all the slouch as these sharp-edged trendsetters make way for a prime and proper look. Uber-classy square and rectangle shapes in vibrant colours and distinct patterns are the new head-turners. You can choose to carry them in the hand or with a long shoulder strap.

7. Statement Clutches

Unconventionality is the stroke of style for fashion junkies who want to break the standards of creation, and statement clutches are their top-notch choices. No matter how bizarre your bag looks, flaunt it with confidence to be in the limelight. Hearts, cherries, video cassettes, exclamation quotes and even animal shapes, there is absolutely no limit to being extraordinary.

8. Duffels

Don’t mistake them for the usual gym bags! Duffels have evolved with a new polished look that is super-feminine and classy. The elongated shape makes it a worthy carryall for flights or longer outings. A classic black or a brown leather duffle is a must-have for women who have elegance as their attitude.

9. Totes

Totes or shopper bags, as we know them, have made a comeback with a fresh coat of style. These practical bags never did really go out of vogue owing to their utility and convenience. Moving up the fashion ladder, totes make a smashing return with metallics, fringes and colour blocks.

10. Satchels

For those who miss their school days, satchels are in too! Trailing right from traditional school bag styles, these are available in various revised shapes and colours. Of the best options, you can choose from the laser-cut patterns in bold colours for an instant wardrobe revival.

2015 is all about bold statements! Don’t forget to make one with the bag you choose to flaunt!