Thoughtful and Useful Gifts This Valentine’s Day

Thoughtful and Useful Gifts This Valentine's Day
Show some love to your partner on this Valentine's Day by showering unique gifts.
Thoughtful and Useful Gifts This Valentine's Day
Show some love to your partner on this Valentine’s Day by showering unique gifts.

Valentine’s Day is all bringing a smile on your beloved’s face. It’s a beautiful gesture wherein you show your partner that they are always on your mind, and with a token of love, you can tell them what they mean to you. I’m sure by now, you must have thought of what gifts you’re going to give to your valentine, and right now, you might be in the process of packaging them with love and care. But hold on for a second. Look at that gift and ask yourself genuinely – how useful that gift is to them. After all, shouldn’t we gift the things that are of actual use to the recipient?

Well, let’s ditch the conventional gifts this Valentine’s Day and try out these new, thoughtful, and useful options:

1. Insurance Policy

This can be an ideal gift for your spouse. I’m sure you might think that for such a peppy day of love, I’m talking quite dull, but think about it for a minute. In this fast pace and unpredictable life, don’t we all need some reassurance? Then what can be better than an insurance policy that is going to secure the future of your partner and family members. This is a perfect gift to tell your spouse that you care a lot for them. Roses and chocolates will fade away from your partner’s memories, but an ‘insurance policy’ will remain even when things are not the same.

2. Gadgets

How about making your partner’s work more efficient? This Valentine’s Day, think of a cool phone, laptop, power bank, or watches so that your partner can have a more organized day. These gifts would leave an everlasting impression on your partner on how thoughtful a partner you are and how supportive you are of his or her work. Be the ideal valentine and gift your partner a cool gadget.

3. Gym Membership

Is your partner someone who is a fitness freak? Or is your partner on the way to fitness and need some more motivation? Then this V-Day, get your partner a gym membership so that they had been putting off for a while. We all want our partners should have a long and healthy life. So, ditch the ordinary gifts and buy your partner a gym membership or a treadmill or a cycle or anything that would make them pay attention to their fitness. Trust me; they will love this gesture of yours.

4. Daily Use Things

This is what my husband gifted me last year on our Valentine’s Day, and it made me realize that he pays attention. Don’t get your hopes high. Being a working woman, my lunch box was in bad shape, and no matter how many times I went out to shop, I just never remembered to get a new lunch box for myself. So, on Valentine’s Day, I got a package from Amazon. I opened it with loads of excitement, thinking that it would be some kind of makeup or another item that my husband had got me, but guess what was inside – LUNCHBOX. I frowned for a second, but then just laughed at it. So, look out what your partner needs right now. It can be a lunchbox (as in my case), a table organiser or a coffee maker. It might sound cliché, but whenever your partner uses that item, it will remind your partner of you and your thoughtfulness.

5. A Day’s Relaxation at a Resort

We all need relaxation. Life has become so challenging that it’s the need of the hour to unwind yourself after sometime. So, why not gift your partner a day or weekend getaway at some high end resort? There are two options. You can go with your partner or you can let your partner have his/her me time. They won’t only come back rejuvenated but would also thank you for being so considerate and loving.

6. A Piece of Furniture

This is specifically for all the wives out there. I’m sure you must have heard your husbands make those endless requests for buying a recliner chair or a bar cabinet, even setting up a gaming room in your apartment. How about this Valentine’s Day you make their wish come true? Fulfill their cherished desire, and you will see a boyish like grin on their face while they explore it happily. It’s a season of love. So, why not pamper them a bit? 

These are few suggestions that would make your Valentine’s Day somewhat offbeat but so much more meaningful. Say goodbye to ordinary gifting ideas. Be unique. Be memorable. Opt for gifts that would bring meaning to your relationship. Happy Valentines Day.