Aloo Ka Parantha – Do Paere Wala

Aloo Parantha
Aloo Parantha Do Paera Wala
Aloo Parantha
Aloo Parantha, Do Paera Wala

There are two ways to make yummy Aloo Paranthas, with a single “wheat ball” stuffed with potatoes & masala and the one as shown above, with two distinct layers of flour and masala sandwiched between them. This is what a typical Punjabi Aloo Parantha is. Both paranthas taste very different when cooked, though they essentially have the same raw material.

For “do paere wala’ aloo parantha you need to take care at every stage, these paranthas are tastier, heavier to eat and definitely one of them is equal to 2.5 of the other kind. Here are the key differentiators:

  • Two wheat balls are used.
  • They are rolled separately and kept aside.
  • The masala is not made by grating boiled potatoes, but is made by hand mashing the potatoes, ensuring that it doesn’t get converted to a paste.
  • The rolled wheat balls are greased with white butter or desi ghee or refined oil.
  • The masala is evenly spread on the rolled roti, ensuring that no corner is left without stuffing.
  • The second rolled roti is placed over the first one with the potato masala and an effort is made to ensure that the top layer sticks well with the masala.
  • An effort is also made to ensure that the corners get sealed as much as possible.
  • No oil is put on the tawa when the parantha is transferred to it. To ensure that it gets cooked well, it is proper to press the parantha on the tawa while it is getting cooked from one side, so that the flour on the inner side of the lower layer also gets cooked.
  • Similarly the other side is cooked.
  • Now a little bit of ghee is spread evenly on the first side and the parantha is turned over. The same process is repeated for the other side too. Your parantha should look exactly like it looks here in this photograph.
  • Transfer it to a dinner plate and serve it with a dollop of white butter placed in the center.
  • It is proper to serve aloo paranthas with sides of curd and pickle.
  • For the stuffing you need hand-mashed boiled potatoes, to that add chopped green chillies, a pinch of anaardana, a little bit of grated ginger, a little bit of grated amla and salt and black pepper to taste.



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