Breakfast Buffet at 5 Star Hotels

What’s on your plate?

Buffet breakfast spreads at 5 Star hotels in India have gone from available to absolute. The journey took almost two decades, but now when you sit down at any 5 Star hotel for breakfast, you know you’ve a world of options to choose from.
Of course, there is a skewness based on the city you are in, but by and large, you get to eat a lot of what you love to eat. Vegetarian, nonvegetarian, vegan, dairy, sweet, spicy, sour, bland – you have it without asking for it. The spreads are so lavish that invariably, you eat two meals together, breakfast and lunch. Magic is in planning, and most 5 Star hotels make sure they plan for three generations and at least six regions of India and three international cuisines.

Egg Whites Masala Omelet

Eggs to order could be so much fun

Live counters starting from just `eggs to order’ have evolved; now, you get dosas and even Nutella crepes at quite a few restaurants. The offering of fruits and cereals has expanded phenomenally, and so has the range in of cold cuts. Smoked Salmon and Cured/herbed Salmon are now standard, and so are pork sausages, bacon, and ham. In meats, the only one you miss is goat/lamb, of course, beef is out of the question in most 5 Stars now. There are a few restaurants that have started keeping baked lamb/goat shanks next to grilled tomatoes and potato wedges; they are still few and far between.

Chutnies take center stage

Go Beyond Dosas

If types of fruits and cheese on cheese platter has increased, it only keeps pace with the number of South Indian Chatnis available as a side with fancy Uthpapams. If you can afford it, you must go for breakfast buffets at 5 Star hotels at least once every quarter; it indeed is a fulfilling experience. Give yourself 2-3 hours to experiment and to set layers.

Bon Appetit!


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Buffet Breakfast in 5 Star Hotels - What's on Your Plate?
It is time to visit a 5 Star Hotel just for its regular breakfast buffet spread. Whether it is on that particular day or a day when you are just feeling a bit low. Go ahead, and don't stop short of pampering yourself.