Dahi Vada: It lets you enjoy your food

The dahi and the vada should mix well.
Dahi Vada
Dahi Vada adds that zest to your food

I don’t have dahi vadas frequently, and I am happy that I don’t because that is the reason why it holds a special place in my heart. Dahi vada is associated with festivals for me, and the taste of the delicacy is mingled with fond memories of those times. This dish also brings back the memories of my mother and grandmother, how they carefully prepared it. Dahi vadas are a special component of festivals also because you need something to digest all the spicy and rich food you had. End it with Dahi vada and your stomach will thank you for that.


Dahi Vada Recipe

Soak urad dal along with moong dal overnight. In the morning drain the water and make a coarse paste of the dal adding just that much water as needed to make a paste. In the paste add salt to taste and then add whole black peppercorns. This is a different way of preparing dahi vada and when next make flat balls and fry them in white oil. The peppercorns add a unique taste and you can keep some sukha vada aside to be served as an appetizer. Now soak the fried dahi vada in lukewarm water for 20 minutes. Take a bowl and pour curd in it, keep in mind it has to be sour not the sweetish variety. Add roasted cumin seeds powder and roasted red chilli powder to this and whisk well. Don’t add any water. Now take the dahi vadas one by one squeezing gently water out of it and keep it in this curd. Sprinkle more of masala over the dahi vada. Let it settle for sometime so that the dahi is well soaked by the vadas. You can then pour pudina chutney, tamarind chutney over it. But even if you don’t the dahi vadas will taste amazing. In fact, you get their unique taste without the accompaniment.

How much calories: It helps in digestion that doesn’t mean it adds less calories. Calorie intake will be 140 for a serving of two dahi vadas but you can be happy that here your intake is more of protein and less of fat. But if you are diet conscious you can go for moong dal dahi vadas.

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