Extreme Waffle Experience

Eating Waffle & Counting Calories, Really?

We love international food, we love it so much that we make it our own. We make it our own so much that people whose cuisine it was are not able to get what we call their namesake. Noodles, Momos and why forget our Macaroni, we have a surprise for Chinese, Tibetans and Italians alike.

Having taken over and Indianized these dishes with tandoori spices and whatnot, we have got going with Waffles, Waffles started showing up in every nook and corner about 3 years back, a rough count suggests that there are upwards of 1,000 places serving waffles in Delhi alone. Yes, it has something to do with our craze of everything American and also with what American relatives eat in the US we make them better in India.

What we are getting can be simply called Death by Waffle, we are adding everything sweet to it and going ahead and adding some salt to top it off. Our waffles are not a dessert, they are a meal, a really big meal which gives more than two days of calorie requirement. The best part is that you would find a waffle point close to every gym. The mantra is – burn 200 calories eat 2,000 calories, burn 400 calories eat 4,000 calories.

The waffle pictured above had everything going for it. Basically waffle was just a base – honey, nuts, maple syrup, sugar-coated banana, ice cream with nuts, chocolate sauce and cardamom powder to name a few. I am wondering whether they had added betel-nut to it too.

Having said all that, was it delicious? Yes, it was heavenly, especially sprinkling of salt on top of that. Do I recommend a giant serving of waffles? Surely, at least once if not for anything else, just to discover what sin is.  When you go for it, tell them to make it as sinful as possible and tell them to do all add-ons. Once it works, the second time it will be a crime.

Death By Desi Waffle
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Death By Desi Waffle
There is always a window to earn a sin, if you still have yours intact, go for a fully loaded waffle. We are sure you are not going to die after having just one. Warning - not for weakhearted or diabetic.