Five Best Thai Restaurants in India

As a manifestation of multiple cultures, Thai food is a sensory experience for anybody who understands it. Thai food is situated between Chinese and Indian cuisine. It’s rich in veggies, luxurious in spices, flavorful, and fragrant to the senses. Scroll down to find out where you can indulge in some delectable Thai dishes combined with exquisite dining.

Perhaps it’s the popular curries that make Thai food so familiar to us Indians, or maybe it’s the spices, which are nearly identical to what we’d find in our kitchens. Whatever the case, Thailand is unquestionably a success in the Indian food sector. Known for being spicy and with coconut in practically every dish, here are the five finest Thai restaurants in India:

Nara, Mumbai

Nara, which travels from Bangkok, has risen in prominence since its inception, and celebrities dine here daily. When you come in, you’ll see an explosion of purple, from the tableware to the beverages, all inspired by the butterfly pea flower, which also appears in a few distinctive dishes.

What distinguishes Nara from other restaurants in the city is that it also serves Thai street cuisine. For example, Goong Kabeuang, a crispy prawn pancake famous on Bangkok’s streets but offered in a posh version here. Instead, try their signature meal of butterfly pea fried rice with Thai herbs. Squeeze some lime on it and watch the magic happen. The menu is extensive, so if you’re unsure, stick to the set five-course meal. To complement the meal, grab one of the Thai-inspired drinks or Singha beer.

Neung Roi, Delhi

Neung Roi, Radisson Blu Plaza, an evasion of all directions, serves delicacies from all areas of Thailand, whether spicy south noodles or northern hot jasmine rice. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by their extensive menu, which is deeply rooted in local cuisine. Neung Roi is a delightful promise to provide you with pure, original, and mouth-watering food from the Land of Smiles.

Rim Naam, Bengaluru

Nothing beats an open-air restaurant in Bengaluru’s lovely weather. At Rim Naam, you’ll be seated in a wooden shelter that resembles a Thai summer pagoda, surrounded by trees, in a magnificent environment. Master Chef Tam, who hails from Thailand’s Isan region, has created an enormous menu featuring everything Thai, including shared platters, stir-fries, meat grills, curries, and even a few drinks.

Thai Pavilion, Gurugram

Experience the most fantastic Pad Thai you’ll ever put in your mouth. Thai Pavilion defies the stereotype that “Thai food is always hot and spicy” by serving bowls full of variety to its diners. The food changes seasonally, and the chef often visits Thailand, so there’s always something fresh on the menu.

Vintage Asia, Kolkata

This JW Marriott fine-dining restaurant, Vintage Asia, features Thai and Chinese cuisine, but before you go, enjoy a cocktail at the beverage area to set the tone for the meal. The sophisticated décor has Chinese accents, but the most significant is the live/interactive kitchen and a separate dining room for large parties. While certain menu items vary occasionally, some classics remain favourites, like Thai red curry with asparagus, som tam salad, water chestnut, and of course, Thai sweet basil served with jasmine rice and tom yum soup.