Imarti is not a Jalebi made differently

Imarti or Emarti is awesome
When it comes to satisfying "sweet tooth" Imarti does a good job.
Imarti or Emarti is awesome
When it comes to satisfying one’s “sweet tooth”, Imarti does a good job.


An Imarti is an imarti, it is not a Jalebi. It is almost as distant from a Jalebi as a Gulab Jamun is from Balushahi. The Basic difference between Jalebi and Imarti is that Imarti is made out of Urad Daal whereas Jalebi is made of refined flour or Maida. The difference of this core ingredient makes both products fall in different categories. Some Imarti lovers insist that Imarti is a healthier alternative to Jalebi, because of it being made with Urad Daal instead of Maida.  The batter of Imarti also requires 1/4 or 1/5 portion to Daal of Rice Flour.

The challenge is in maintaining the quality of Imarti since it is supposed to be absolutely without any artificial color, the bright orange color must come from the fine quality of Kaser added to it. Some innovations like adding crushed green cardamom add to the flavor, some insist that adding unbroken black pepper is real fun, I agree. Enjoy!


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