The Humble Fruit Jamun and its Summer-friendly Goodness

Amazing Health Benefits of Jamun Fruit

Amazing Health Benefits of Jamun Fruit

Black Plum, commonly known as ‘Jamun’ fruit, looks small but can do wonders. Many of us are unaware about the benefits of Jamun. It is available during the months of June through August, and it belongs to the Myrtaceae family. The fruit is purple in colour and has a distinct bitter-sweet taste.

Here are some amazing health benefits and uses of the important summer fruit Black Plum:

– It is extremely beneficial for persons suffering from diabetes as it has low glycemic index, which ensures conversion of sugar and starch to energy, thus reducing the blood sugar levels;

– It is rich in iron; it is a superb natural blood purifier ensuring oxygenated blood supply;

– It has good level of Vitamin A and C thus it keeps skin healthy, fresh as well as acne free;

– Jamun is good for eyes too.

Along with the fruit, its seed, leaves and bark all are quite useful in different ways:

– A powder of its seeds, when taken with yogurt, helps in breaking down kidney stones;

– Applying a mixture of its seed with milk, on the skin, reduces acne drastically;

– Bark and seed powder also helps in gastric disorder treatments such as indigestion and diarrhoea.

There are many qualities of this fruit. Its juice is good for increasing memory levels and treating diseases like anaemia, respiratory disorders like asthma also good for teeth and gums.

How To Eat:

Best combination of Jamun is to pair it with plain or black salt, sprinkled over it. It is available in many different forms in the market – Jamun Jam, Murabba, Jellies, Juices and many more.

Few Disadvantages:

Patients undergoing surgery must avoid eating Jamun as it might lead to low blood sugar levels;

– Never eat on an empty stomach; it should always be taken after some meal;

– Consumption of milk should be avoided one hour before and after eating this fruit;

And lastly, the stains of Jamun fruit stay for long, so one must eat carefully!