Know about the Benefits of Wood Apple

Wood Apple or Limonia Acidissima is a tropical food grown in south Asia and south-east Asian countries. The reason behind its name is its hard shell structure.
Wood Apples are available in the summer season. It looks like a heavy stone from the outside, but from the inside, its pulp is as soft as glue. It’s available throughout the world.

It has numerous health benefits for the human body. For example, if you ever suffer from dehydration, one glass of wood apple juice can boost your whole body.

Prevents cancer
Wood Apple reduces the risk of cancer and inflammation in the body. In addition, the extracts of wood apple cause the death of cancer cells, particularly those affecting breast and skin.

Anti-ageing benefits
Wood apple can help to slow down premature ageing because it has presence of numerous antioxidant compounds. It helps reduce oxidative damage due to its high Vitamin C presence and supports natural collagen synthesis. It helps to reduce the oxidative damage from ultraviolet sun exposure, and skin quality can be maintained for years. Diets high in antioxidant nutrients are among the best for excreting anti-ageing benefits and is something wood apple excels at.

Promotes detoxification
It assists in detoxifying the body by promoting the elimination of toxins as a result of liver metabolism. It increases diuresis to speed up the removal of water-based waste. The natives of Indian regions traditionally use wood apples to help you recover from hangovers after heavy drinking. It helps to deal with the alcoholic metabolites. In addition, wood apples help to protect the liver from inflammation.

Supports respiratory health
Consumption of wood apple can assist with free-breathing owing to decongestant properties, along with cough suppressant and mucolytic actions to clear the lungs catarrh.

Wood apple extracts possess properties against the replication of bacteria and viruses. The branches of wood apple trees also contain unique compounds which display bacteriostatic and fungicidal actions. Many people in Southeast Asia have used wood apples for centuries.

Boosts the energy
A single wood apple delivers around 25 g of fast-digesting carbohydrates, which helps provide energy to the body when needed the most. This boost of energy is really helpful for the people involved in physical activities like running and sports. However, it is not suitable for patients suffering from diabetes as it provides high sugar levels.

Promotes wound healing
It is not surprising to learn that wood apples may promote the healing of bones as they contain anti-inflammatory agents. They also possess the ability to inhibit the accretion of pathogens. In addition, it also can stimulate the production of collagen, which is a protein responsible for the structure of the scar. Ensure that natural collagen synthesis is optimised while having faster recovery from open bounds and minimising the risk of complications.