Star of the Evenings: Fulljar Soda, Summer Special from Kerala

Keral Drink FullJar Soda
FullJar Soda in Kerala
Keral Drink FullJar Soda
FullJar Soda in Kerala

Summer is at its peak and so is the heat. People are flocking towards ice cream shops and cool drink shops, especially in the evenings. This has become a common practice with our fun-loving youngsters, who keep looking for alternatives in order to beat the heat. A new drink named fulljar soda has become the star of the evenings this summer in Kerala. Full of fizz, this unique soda has been trending on the various social media platforms since the time people became aware of its existence. Many local celebrities also posted their videos participating in fulljar soda parties at home or with friends.

Seen as a distant cousin of lime soda, this drink has originated in Kozikhode. The young and the old are sharing their experiences of gulping down this ambrosial drink in one go. The drink has become so popular that it has now taken the internet by storm and has even reached the NRIs abroad.

Taste and cost of Fulljar Soda

As per some youngsters, the drink tastes both salty and sweet and is a great refreshment, specifically on a hot day. The cost of a drink can range from Rs. 20 to Rs. 100, depending on the upmarket quotient of the shops. An additional shot of chilled lime juice is being provided to the people after finishing the drink, in order to enhance the taste.

The wave of this fulljar soda has reached the nearby states of Kerala too. People in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka are also trying to produce a replica of the drink or introduce their own unique tastes to make it different from the drink that originated in Kerala. This crazy rush after this drink has made people go gaga over it. The foodies have also shown a strong urge to taste this drink. It’s fun to watch people drink this bubbled up drink in one go, followed by the gulping of the pure lime shot in the next go.

Recipe of Fulljar Soda


Soda – 1 bottle
Green chilly paste/ bird eye chillies
Mint Leaves
Corriander leaves
Basil leaves
Sugar syrup
Crushed ice

Preparation of the Soda:

  1. Grind ginger, chillies, basil leaves, coriander leaves, and mint leaves altogether.
  2. Do not make a paste, just crush them into really small pieces.
  3. Take a shot glass and add one spoon of the mix to it in order to prepare the shot.
  4. Take a big jar and add lime juice to it. Add salt and crushed ice to it.
  5. Now, in the big jar, add sugar syrup and mix everything evenly.
  6. Add a little sugar and salt into the shot.
  7. You can add more sugar or chillies and add your personal punch to the drink.
  8. The last step is to add the soda in the big jar, watch it bubble up, drop the shot glass into it, and drink it in one go.

Remember, the froth and bubbles shouldn’t vanish before you finish the drink, as all the fun lies in drinking it in one go. The drink is really healthy in summers and has garnered so much popularity, so it becomes somewhat mandatory to try this one. Go ahead and make this amazing drink before the monsoon hits! And beat the heat this summer to make it a ‘cool’ one!