The Pavilion at Maurya – A Review

The Pavilion at Maurya
Good Food Is Served Here
The Pavilion at Maurya
Good Food Is Served Here

September 27/2019

Good food continues to be served here. Prices are not through the roof. Food is as fresh as it can get and portions as large as you can imagine.

It was a working lunch for two people, altogether Rs. 1,504/ – We had one club sandwich and one side of veggies. We had difficulty in finishing all the food on the table. Bacon was crunchy, chicken was juicy, tomatoes were fresh and sauces were just right. If that was not enough, they landed up giving us complementary desserts. Top top it all. Brilliant. I wonder why I don;t go here more often.

Highly recommended.


Original – June 2017

I can’t say I’ve childhood memories of ITC Maurya and its The Pavilion restaurant but, I can say my reminiscences go back 30 years or so. The Pavilion has changed many times over and it has expanded in terms of size from what it used to be way back in 1980s. For about three years or so I didn’t go to The Pavilion at all, it was kind of several bad experiences which led to that decision. Obvious choice was to give it a break instead of criticizing something I had fond recollections of. Looks like it was the right thing to do. A traffic jam on Sardar Patel Marg, the road in front of Maurya, and hunger pangs made me go back here. How nice, I took that call. Not only I had a great experience, I was back next day for lunch yet again.

The Location:

Inside ITC Maurya on Sardar Patel Marg, New Delhi, so near to heart of the city that if you miss a heart beat you will find yourself in CP. This place is not very far from anywhere, be it railway station, airport, center of the city, art galleries, theaters, colleges, schools, shopping and other hotels, almost the whole world is about 5-30 minutes ride away. No, we don’t have any existing Delhi Metro station next door, another few months and there will be at least one at a walking distance. Airport Metro Dhaula Kuan station is 20 minutes away.

Opening Hours:

They haven’t closed ever since they opened over three decades back, except for renovation, a couple of times. It was a good old coffee shop back then which, kind of transformed to a multi-cuisine restaurant with changing times. They do have all day breakfast and I find that wonderful and useful.

The Ambience:

It isn’t a huge restaurant but it is no hole in a wall either. Not expansive, not much space but sitting has been designed to ensure privacy to the extent possible, extra tall sofa backs act as partition and allow you to hold a conversation. If you are doing a table reservation do ask for a pool side table they work best.

The Service:

Wow and awesome are two of many expressions I may use in describing my recent experiences. Well groomed, well mannered, sufficiently knowledgeable and adequately mature wait staff. You can trust them and, they will be honest to core. I was glad I dropped in, kind of felt at home.

The Price:

Reasonable and affordable for this segment, I know, I know it is an oxymoron, let it be it. Prices read real and that is magic. Prices are not intended at ripping you off. A decent meal in super luxury setting with soft beverages for two comes below Rs. 5,000.00. This class of experience costs almost 50% higher at comparable restaurants.


Menu? Works | Quality? Faultless | Quantity? Perfect | Flavors? Bursting | Taste? Lip-smacking | Plate Setting? Practical. All true across 5 dishes. Traits of a winner? Yes. Beauty lies in a simple and an uncompelled menu which is readable and understandable and this menu is a beauty, makes you feel at home. You know you are ordering yummy food and not getting on an adventure.

Soft-Roll Eggs with Goat Cheese: Three egg whites, rolled out perfectly, not burnt, not overcooked all dissolving with every bite. Ham pieces were perfectly cooked and kind of became one with the Omelet. Came with hash-browns, grilled tomato and a salad leaf.

Fish and Chips: Some seriously respectable fried fish was served. It didn’t have thick batter and fish inside was fresh and juicy. French-fries were good, not industrial quality but not gourmet either. This dish came with a side of a delicious dessert.

Grilled River Sole: Grilled to perfection and build with veggies and stock as one integrated dish. From first bite till last it was flavor all the way. Portion was sufficient for a main-course dish.

Breakfast Sausages: Perfectly cooked over medium heat chicken sausages, every bite was titillating and asking for next.

Nearby tourist attractions:

Connaught Place, Airport, Diplomatic Enclave, Bangla Sahib Gurdwara, Hanuman Mandir, India Gate and all of New Delhi tourist attractions.