Wedding Food for This Season

Wedding Food for This Season
Indian weddings are known for their delicious and sumptuous food.
Wedding Food for This Season
Indian weddings are known for their delicious and sumptuous food

Winter is finally here! And so is the season of weddings. We all know that weddings bring with them all the dhamaal and masti, exquisite designer clothes and most importantly, yummy food. Remember those Golgappas, steaming hot Biryani loaded with Butter Chicken or Rogan Josh followed by Rabri and Jalebi… even the thought makes the mouth water. However, the weddings this season are saying a Big ‘No’ to the conventional food menu and are upgrading themselves too.

So, let’s have a look at the new entrants in the wedding menu this season that is a must for every wedding.

1. Veg/Non-Veg Samosa

We all have had Paneer Tikka, cocktail Kebabs, Chicken Lollipops and numerous other appetisers at one wedding or another. It is for the very first time that Samosa has made its entry into the Indian Wedding Menu. Unlike a normal size Samosa, this one is a bit smaller in size thereby giving the guests a feel of Samosa but at the same time not filling them to the brim. It is a perfect choice for both veg and non-veg eaters.

2. Litti Chokha

This dish has started making its presence felt at every nook and corner of our life. Such is the love of people for this dish that in 2019, this dish has found its place in the wedding menus too. Due to its regional touch, preparation and taste, caterers as well as people are keen to have a Litti Chokha stall at their weddings so that their guests can enjoy piping hot Littis in Delhi’s winter.

3. Pea Mint Soup

Chuck out the normal Tomato Shorba or Chicken Manchow Soup. This wedding season belongs to the Pea Mint Soup. The best thing about this soup is that it can be served both chilled as well as hot. So, let your taste buds witness a burst of flavours that would leave you wanting for more and would also be a fresh welcome from having conventional soups.

4. Zafarani Pulao

Jeera Rice, Mix Pulao and Biryani are talks of the yesteryears. It is the Zafarani Pulao that is topping the charts. It is a traditional dish made using dry fruits, saffron, milk and sugar thereby making it a perfect choice for all the rice lovers and we tend to get the much-needed break from Mix/Navratan Pulao too.

5. Dal Bukhara

Yes, you read it right! It is not Dal Makhni, a dish that we have been eating since the times of conception, but Dal Bukhara, a dish that was forgotten for a long time but has made its way back to the hearts and stomachs of people. As they say – ‘Better Late than Never’. This dal is made from black lentils (Urad Dal) and is slowly cooked overnight in a tandoor. As the name suggests, the dal is prepared using tons of butter and cream that gives it a royal taste and hence is a must on the menu of 2019 weddings.

6. Dahi Baigan

Well, 2019 wedding menu is all about experimentation and the dish that has come out with flying colours is our very own Oriya dish- Dahi Baigan. Baigan (eggplant) is fried in oil and is then dipped into curd. For that extra spicy taste, onion and garlic are added. So, the next time you see Dahi Baigan in a wedding, do try it once and feel the rush of flavours melting in your mouth.

7. Fruit Kesari

Even though Gajar ka Halwa and Moong ki Dal ka Halwa is still amongst the favourites when one thinks of a wedding menu, it is a South Indian dessert that is making people go gaga over its simple yet authentic taste. Fruit Kesari is prepared using Rawa, dry fruits and fruits that make it not only tasty but also soul-stirring.

8. Chocolate Fondue

Chocolate Fondue is a rave amongst those who are fond of eating chocolate. For this dish, chocolate and cheese are melted and one can dip slices of apples, bananas, waffles and brownies as per their taste. What can taste better than a delicacy of your choice loaded with chocolate?

9. Warm milk with cookies

This is the best midnight snack for the time when the pheras are going on and the cold breeze is making one’s teeth chatter. What can be a better option than having a cup of warm milk with a chocolate cookie while one witnesses the sanctity of marriage?

So, these are the few food items that are a must for every 2019 wedding. Be a Trendsetter and adopt a few dishes in your menu and you will get a thumbs up from the guests for sure.

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