7 Reasons President Trump Is Good For India

Why Donald Trump Win is Good News for India

Why Donald Trump Win is Good News for India

In what could be one of the most tightly contested elections in the US in recent years, Donald Trump stormed his way through to the Oval Office and has given the Republicans the next four years at the helm of affairs. Like the rest of the world, we in India, have been closely following the US Elections. Here’s a snapshot of what President Trump could mean for our country.

  • “The Indian and Hindu community will have a true friend in the White House”, said Donald Trump, President Elect in one of his campaign speeches. What’s better than such a candid statement from the man in the spotlight himself! Well, admittedly, not all Indians are Hindus but when it comes to matters of Indo-US policy, it looks like we are set to find a friend indeed.
  • If Trump’s campaign promises are to be believed, the USA is likely to take a staunch stand against terrorism and terrorist organizations such as the ISIS and the LeT. This does tie in neatly with India’s agenda post Pathankot and Uri attacks.
  • Another campaign promise made by Trump, one of his most impressive, perhaps, was the commitment to collaborate and build better relations with Russia. This is a major shift in stance from the traditional policy followed by the US, but is one that works rather well for India since we consider Russia to be a close ally.
  • A friendly face in the Oval Office and an administration that is committed to keep global terrorism in check. This must be the answers to India’s prayers with regard to the battle against terrorism exported by our western neighbour. Trump is likely to reduce aid to Pakistan and this should help curb financing of terrorism.
  • Given the roadblocks India seems to be facing with China’s opposition to India at global forums, it wouldn’t hurt to have a strong Indo-US alliance in place. Be it gaining a permanent spot at the UN Security Council, or blacklisting Masood Azhar and the Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) at the UN, the unequivocal support of the US will be welcome.
  • Indian oil companies could also benefit greatly if Trump comes through with his election promise of opening up the American oil sector. Trump has promised to make US self-sufficient in terms of its energy requirements. With the US bringing in price stability to the global oil market, this could also be a major opportunity for ONGC’s global operations under the ‘ONGC Videsh’ banner to expand.
  • One of Trump’s key promises is to bring back manufacturing jobs to the US. These are the jobs that have been lost to countries like China. While Trump will attempt to curb the outsourcing of manufacturing jobs to Asian countries, India with its more diversified market is less likely to be affected. This should help India gain both economic and political dominance in Asia vis-a-vis China.

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