Cleaning the Ganga – Ensuring People’s Involvement

Ganga river in Varanasi

Ganga river in VaranasiThe Indian Government has recently set up a wall mural in Kolkata with the aim to shed light on the amount of effort required on part of the common people to clean up Ganga. Attractive colours such as yellow, blue and black have been used in order to create the said mural. Samita Chatterjee, also known as Samsam, is a prominent graffiti artist and a member of the Aerosol Assassins Crew. She has painted the Alipore-based German consulate’s boundary wall. This has been done as a part of the Third International Graffiti Project


Mural for inspiring people to take part in Clean Ganga project


Samsam believes through her art she will be inspiring people to participate in the said project, which is also regarded as the pet project of Narendra Modi. She feels that everyone nowadays is speaking of how the river is being polluted and how it is being destroyed and it is in this context that her artistic endeavour assumes greater importance. In the wall mural, a young individual has been depicted as attempting to clean the river. He has been shown in black and dark blue and has been painted using white-grey colour. The man has been dotted using fish bones. All this is being done to show how the levels of toxin have been building up in the river.

The background of the painting has the sun, coloured in yellow and orange. This mural will be there along with a number of others and it is expected to be observed by the people when they pass by the area. Five other artists have also taken part in the project.


Uttar Pradesh launches Trans Ganga Plan


On his part, Akhilesh Yadav, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, has recently launched the trans-Ganga plan. This is the first time that such a plan has been launched in the state. The entire project is supposed to account for 350 acres and it will play home to industries that will function in an environment-friendly way. The focus here will be on not polluting the ambient environment.


Yadav has stated that, in all, the project shall require an investment of Rs 10,000 crore and it is expected that as a result of this project about 1 lakh people will receive jobs of various degrees. As of now, the project is being launched in Lucknow. However, Yadav has also stated that another such project will be started at Naini in Allahabad. Six other locations within the state are in the pipeline.


The Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister has stated the city will feature advanced technology and this will only help in the state’s development. An industrial city such as this one is supposed to come up in Kanpur. It will occupy an area of 1132 acres. It will be located in the trans-Ganga zone of the city and built in the vicinity of the river held in high regard by majority of the people in the country. UPSIDC will be managing this particular city.

The city is also expected to feature underground wires and cables, and supply of gas and water. It will also have optical fibre lines as well as other facilities. Along with the Clean Ganga project of the Indian Government, this project is expected to play a major role in the development of the river as well as the entire region. This is why such projects are worth all the encouragement and positivity that they can be given.