Delhi Commission for Women: Structure, Programmes, Helpline number, Members and more

The Delhi Commission for Women is a body in the National Capital Territory of Delhi that deals with all matters related to women and their safety. It was established by Delhi Government in 1994 by Delhi Commission for Women Act, 1994. It started its functioning in 1996 and acts as a civil court.

Organizational Structure of Delhi Commission for Women

The Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) is headed by a Chairperson. Under him/her are five Members and one Member Secretary. Under the Member Secretary, there is Joint Secretary followed by Deputy Secretary. The Deputy Secretary has Under Secretary (Admin), Senior Research Officer, Pay & Account Officer, Law Officer, and Under Secretary cum Public Relation Officer under him/her.

Programmes of the Delhi Commission for Women

The Delhi Commission for Women runs five programmes:

1. Telephonic Helpline

The Telephonic Helpline Programme was started by DCW in March 2000. Under this programme, trained counselors provide counsel to the woman regarding her complaint or problem. This helpline operates from 9.30 AM to 6.00 PM from Monday to Friday. Every day 20-25 calls are attended by DCW. 

The counseling is provided in the cases of matrimonial discord, physical and mental harassment by in-laws, child custody, rape, physical abuse, sexual harassment at the workplace, legal advice, and implications, property dispute, etc.  

Helpline Number: +91-11-23379181

2. “Sahyogini” the family counseling cell

The family counseling unit of DCW is called “Sahyogini”. It was started in 1997. It includes five members and all of them are assisted by lawyers. It exercises the power of a civil court and can send summons. 

The complaints made on the helpline number are directed to a member of Sahyogini. They then summon the parties involved for hearing and counseling. All this is done in an attempt to solve the cases and reconcile the parties.

The cases that Sahyogini deals with include harassment by Husbands/In-laws/others, harassment of old women by relatives, dowry issues, domestic violence, harassment by neighbors, and extramarital relationships.

3. Rape Crisis Cell

Starting in 2005 the Rape Crisis Cell of DCW was established to deal with rising issues of sexual abuse of women in Delhi. This Cell is assisted by lawyers who are assisted by Crisis Intervention Centres in Delhi. It identifies rape victims in Delhi and then helps them with further legal proceedings. It works day and night throughout the year.

RCCs Contact Number

Telephone no. +91 11 23370557

24-hour mobile helpline: 1800 11 9292 

4. Mahila Panchayat

DCW started the Mahila Panchayat in 2001. Under this program, a group of community women is identified by NGOs. This group then acts as a panchayat of that particular area. They try to resolve local disputes by counseling the parties involved. Two of the five members of the Mahila Panchayat are paralegal workers. They are trained to assist the complainant with legal proceedings of the case and counsel them if required.

5. Pre-Marital Counselling

The Pre Marital Counselling is done for the couples who are going to get married. It was started in 2008 in DCW after looking at the increasing number of failed marriages in Delhi. It operates from Monday to Friday from 9.30 AM to 6.00 PM. It counsels couples on issues like having realistic expectations of one another, being sensitive toward each other’s feelings, and thinking of each other as equal players in homemaking, and others.

Pre Marital Counselling no.: +91 11 23370146

Members of the Delhi Commission of Women

  • Swati Maliwal

Designation: Chairperson

Contact No. : +91-11-23379181

Email Id: [email protected]

  • Promila Gupta

Designation: Member

  • Kiran Negi

Designation: Member

  • Sarika Chaudhary

Designation: Member

  • Firdos Khan

Designation: Member

  • Vandana Singh

Designation: Member

Office Address

Delhi Commission for Women

Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi

C-Block, 2nd floor,

Vikas Bhawan I.P. Estate,

New Delhi – 110002

Helpline No. 

 181 (Available 24 hours on all days of the week )

Working hours 

9.30 AM to 5.00 PM (all working days)

Contact No.

+91 1123379181

Email Id


Member Secretary: [email protected]

For more information visit