Green Highway Policy: Promoting Green Covers along NH Corridors

Green Highway Policy to Promote Green Covers along NH Corridors

Green Highway Policy to Promote Green Covers along NH Corridors

A green highway is a new concept that includes a roadway design integrating the functionalities of transport and ecological sustainability. The entire process of planning, design and construction of the roadways comes with the inclusion of an environmental approach. The aim for this concept is that growth and development should go hand in hand with sustainability of the eco system and public health.

The Government of India has stepped into the green corridor with the announcement of the Green Highways policy. As per this policy, the government will promote a greener highway with active participation from farmers, NGOs, Forest Departments, private sector and government institutions. Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari said in New Delhi, “This scheme is a step towards creating clean, green, and pollution free India.” Mr. Gadkari also added that this scheme would have the added benefit of providing employment to nearly 5 lakh people from the rural sector.


The Plan

  • The government plans to convert 96,000 km of national highways into green corridors.
  • Space technology will be use to monitor the progress of the scheme.
  • Indian Space Research Organisation’s BHUVAN and GAGAN satellites, with remote sensing system and GPS aided, will help in monitoring the progress.
  • Geo mapping will help gauge the survival rate of the planted trees.
  • Payment to contractors will be made only on the basis of the survival rate of planted trees.
  • State Highways will also join the scheme of Green Highway.
  • All upcoming expressways will include green corridors.
  • The entire ambitious project will involve nearly 1,000 contractors.


As per the policy, the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) will act as a fund manager for maintaining a green fund and releasing payments based on recommendation of concerned officials and agencies and 1% of the total project cost of every highway project will be dedicated towards the scheme of tree plantation. Taking into consideration all the highway projects in India, an estimated amount of Rs, 1,000 per year will be available for tree plantation. “We would spend around Rs 5,000 crore in five years towards this initiative,” Mr. Gadkari said.  Going by the policy of transparency of the present government, Mr. Gadkari assured that apart from the advance technology to be used in the process of plantation, there would also be absolute transparency in the process of tree plantation.  The scheme will also include 1,200 roadside amenities.


There is no doubt about the fact that this project, though ambitious, is one of the most positive ones of the Government, which aims towards striking a balance between highways development and environmental protection. The successful completion of the project will surely see a greener India leaving lesser carbon prints. If the project can stay away from controversies like corruption, then it will help India forge a step further to becoming a developed nation.