How to reduce premature whitening of hair?

Whitening of hair is a common problem. At a young age, this problem has started appearing to many. Poor lifestyle, lack of nutrients, and stress lead to greying of hair. Consumption of excessive alcohol, smoking and junk food is also the reason. Besides, vitamin B12 and a selenium deficiency can also cause greying and whitening of hair. These can be cured with home remedies. It is advisable to get examined by a doctor because of the shortcomings of the indwelling.  

Here are some home remedies and natural hair masks to get rid of white hair:

  • Exercise

Exercising causes excessive sweating, which increases melanin production in the body. It prevents premature greying of hair. 

  • Onion juice

Grind some pieces of onion finely. Extract its juice and apply it to the roots of the hair. Wash off after half an hour or so. Using it twice a week will benefit. 

  • Drink gooseberry juice and apply the juice to your hair

Apply fresh gooseberry juice to the roots of the hair. Drink two teaspoons of gooseberry juice daily. It acts as a natural medicine for hair. It will keep the hair healthy. The problem of white and grey hair will also go away gradually. 

  • Do not use any chemical

It will be good not to use any chemical such as dyes or sprays on the rescue hair. Especially keep them away from the roots. Avoid applying oil to the hair daily. Apply oil only twice a week. If you still do not see a difference, definitely see a doctor. 

  • Don’t keep changing your hair Shampoo

Changing the shampoo too often leads to hair loss and excessive greying of hair. Apply only one shampoo of good company. You can apply natural hair conditioners like eggs and bananas instead of artificial conditioners because they can harm your hair roots and can cause burning. 

To make a natural hair conditioner, break one egg, take it out in a small bowl, and mix one spoon of honey, vinegar, and lemon juice. Apply it to your hair, let it rest for five minutes, and then wash it off with water. 

Just make sure to apply these natural hair masks before shampooing your hair.