High Five Shilpa


About the Project

This is a tribute to a dynamic thought leader – a true social media enthusiast and a powerhouse of ideas – whose every minute of online presence was fueled with purpose. Shilpa Srivastava, the Social Media Head at MapsofIndia, represented the argumentative Indians who would enquire, introspect and disseminate her opinions in no unclear terms.

In remembrance of the value that Shilpa had brought to the entire ecosystem of social media, we give you an opportunity to contribute to that legacy of informing and uplifting (and creating change) the people around you through your views (preferably well-argued).

It’s a call to all the true ‘netizens’ to share their thoughts on Social Media landscape in India and come up with compelling ideas that the country should know. Constructive criticisms, earnest observations, and useful suggestions will be appreciated.

The articles could range from ‘Social Media and India’s Tech Market’ to ‘Social Media and Indian Politics’. Use our premier website as a platform to launch your ideas and also receive 1000 INR for this one-time contribution.

Guidelines for Writers

  • To submit articles, log in with your Facebook or Twitter account.
  • Each article should be relevant to the broader theme – Social Media and India – and the content should be between 500 and 1000 words.

  • Only original content will be accepted and plagiarized articles will be barred from publishing.

  • If your article finds a place among the top 5, you will receive 5000 INR each and a printed acknowledgment from us. The decision will be taken by the editorial team.

  • Every other contributor will receive 1000 INR as a one-time payment.
  • The initiative will run on www.myIndia.in from 2-9 March. Any article sent after the mentioned date will not be considered for publishing.

Categories You Can Write On

  1. Business
  2. Travel
  3. Sports
  4. Education
  5. Food
  6. Government
  7. History
  8. Movies /Entertainment
  9. Politics