Historical Gurudwaras at Sultanpur Lodhi

Gurudwaras At Sultanpur Lodhi
Gurudwaras At Sultanpur Lodhi
Gurudwaras At Sultanpur Lodhi
Gurudwaras At Sultanpur Lodhi

Imagine how it would feel to be at a place where Guru Nanak Dev Ji (first Guru of Sikh) had spent 14 years of his life. You will definitely feel blessed. Sultanpur Lodhi in district Kapurthala of Punjab is one such place where you can experience this. Guru Nanak Dev ji used to work here at the Nawab’s inventory store. Sultanpur is also one of the most ancient cities in India which was established in the 1st century AD. Also from the 1st to 6th century AD, Sultanpur Lodhi was a prominent place for meditation. Buddhism was at its heights in Sultanpur Lodhi during that period. Later when Mahmud of Ghazni invaded the city he ordered to burn the city (earlier named Sarwmanpur) to ashes, as it was a place of Hindu Buddhism. Many saints from time to time visited the city and so it was also known by the name ‘Perran Puri’ which means ‘city of monks’.

Sultanpur Lodhi is one of the cities in Punjab which is the most related to Guru Nanak Dev Ji. There are many prominent historical Gurudwaras at Sultanpur Lodhi dedicated to Guru Nanak Dev ji and his sister Bebe Nanki Ji.

Famous Gurudwaras

Gurudwara Ber Sahib

This is the main gurudwara at Sultanpur which is located on the bank of Kali Bein (a rivulet). Ber Sahibis the place where Guru Nanak Dev ji used to meditate under a Ber tree after his morning abulution in the Kali Bein (Zizyphus jujube). This Beri tree is still present  in the Gurudwara, which is green and bears fruits. Devotees sit under the Ber tree and listen to kirtan. It is said that at this place Guru Nanak  had direct communication with the Divine. One morning while doing his morning ablutions, Guru ji disappeared in the Bein and reappeared at a place 2 km away upstream. The first words he uttered were ‘No one is Hindu. No one is Musalman’. I have been to the Gurudwara Ber Sahib many a times and each time it feels like you have come to meet Guru Nanak Dev Ji. You feel a peace of mind. Each year Guru Nanak Dev ji’s birthday is celebrated and a fair is held which is attended by large number of devotees.

Gurudwara Shree Hatt Sahib

Guru Nanak Dev ji worked as an accountant for Nawab Daulat Khan Lodhi at Sultanpur Lodhi. Gurudwara Shree Hatt Sahib is built on the spot where Guru ji used to work for the Nawab. One can see the measuring weights (stones) used by Guru Nanak Dev ji. These are on display in a glass cabinet inside the gurudwara.

Gurudwara Shree Kothri Sahib
While working for the Nawab, some bad people who were jealous of Guru ji made a complaint to the Nawab that Guru Nanak Dev ji was stealing from the store’s inventory. Guru ji on the orders of Nawab was temporarily jailed at this placed. Later on when the inventory was checked it was found that everything was intact and was infact making a profit.The  Nawab apologized and offered a promotion which was declined by Guru ji.

Gurudwara Shree Guru Ka Bagh

Gurudwara Shree Guru Ka Bagh is at a place which used to be the home of Guru Nanak Dev ji. It is the same place where his two sons Baba Sri Chand and Baba Lakhmi Chand were born. A well from that time is also present, whose water was used for cooking the langar.

Gurudwara Shree Sant Ghat

Gurudwara Shree Sant Ghat is on the bank of the Bein and is built on the place from where Guru ji reemerged after 2 days. It was from a place near Gururdwara Ber Sahib that Guru ji had disappeared in the Bein and reappeared at Gurudwara Shree Sant Ghat. He gave a ‘Mool mantar’ to the entire world after coming out of the Bein. This is the place where Guru ji used to meditate and from here he had left Sultanpur Lodhi to serve the world.

Gurudwara Shree Antarymata

While staying at Sultanpur Lodhi, one day Guru ji was asked by a Muslim whether he was Hindu guru or Muslim guru? To this he replied that he was common to all of them. Then they asked guru ji to offer namaz at a nearby mosque, Guru ji went there and while everyone was offering Namaz, Guru ji stood straight. Everyone who saw this got very angry and asked Guru Ji why he didn’t bow down during the namaz. Guru ji said that no one was truly offering prayers, the Nawab was thinking of getting horses from Kandhar and the priest was thinking about the new born female calf at home and was worried that it might fall into the well. Since everyone was only physically present, so was he. Everyone was surprised by this and said that he has divine powers. This is where the Gurudwara Shree Antarymata has been constructed.

Gurudwara Shree Bebe Nanki Ji

Bebe Nanki Ji was the elder sister of Guru ji and this gurudwara was built during the 1970s in her memory.