Know about the National Virtual Library of India

The Government of India has developed one unique idea for the National Virtual Library of India (NVLI) in collaboration with IIT Kharagpur, Mumbai. The launching is done to provide a platform where everyone can access their devices at any time. This is one of the most positive moves made by the Ministry of Culture to preserve cultural artefacts and other academic books and catalogues digitally.

The opening has been done on the same website as the Ministry of Culture. One of the other reasons to launch such a step is to inform the masses about the sense of collective ownership, where people will upload such resources on a common platform.

 The portal launched by the Ministry of Culture is currently available in most the common languages, English and Hindi. An app is also available along with the website, which is easily accessible and available on the play store and can be downloaded to Android phones and iPhones.

Though IIT Kharagpur, where it all started, named this platform as a “Vehicle” that utilizes digital technologies and tries its best to connect to the resources to all citizens of India who carry enthusiasm to study but live in a remote area where the term library has not evolved yet.

 What makes the National Virtual Library of India unique from others? 

Apart from resources, This platform will connect the students, scholars, researchers, teachers, and administrators at all levels. The National Virtual Library of India works based on metadata.

Through this unique version and process, it collects all the content and has a set of fields which describe all the content in a single database.

 An all-inclusive Digital Platform 

This platform works well on an all-inclusive digital platform; it also provides access to multiple resources on a single platform within a few seconds or a maximum of a minute. This platform is a collection of all academic, regional, philosophy, sports, computer science, architecture, communication and other fields in the revised edition.

Not only a particular subject but also widely used subjects such as history, geography, political science, economics, politics, literature, library science, etc.

 Collection and availability of data 

This platform has ancient data collections and is unavailable in local libraries. With the revised edition, the updated data will also be available during the need. It also cures the old data deleted or removed from the syllabus.

Through the help of metadata, This platform collects the data available on various platforms, be it any official gazette, law, bill, act or speeches by famous personalities.

 Easy and free access 

This platform has been created while keeping in mind the situation of the remote areas and, therefore, a student who can’t even afford to go to libraries, schools, colleges or any other institution. Through this platform, the students are not only affordable but can also have access to the library free of cost anytime and from anywhere.

 User-friendly platform 

This easy-to-use platform redirects the student to the result without making it a hassle. There are various options available in case of any difficulty. Also, a guide is being uploaded if a student finds it difficult to reach the material.

 Boon for Visually Impaired students 

This portal is a proven boon for visually impaired students as it has unique and particular features which lead the student to read in terms of listening to the material through voiceovers and videos.