What is truth?

Honorable Finance Minister’s Arun Jaitley’s statement “Truth Can’t Have 2 Versions” got me thinking and now, writing.

SQ= Simar Questions SA= Simar Answers

SQ: What is truth?

SA: Truth is a lie

SQ: Can truth have 2 versions?

SA: Truth can have countless versions.

SQ: How?


SA: As truth is a lie, everyone has her/his take on the same. It is always truth as per me, truth as per him, truth as per her…

SQ: But truth should be absolute, right?

SA: Yes! I concur. Ganga should be clean too, right?

SQ: If truth is not absolute, what is it?

SA: Truth may be: Partial truth; Selective truth; Random truth; Half truth; Fake truth and of course Irrelevant truth.

SQ: Truth is always single, right?

SA: Single truth is a myth.

SQ: If it is truth, it has to be objective.

SA: Yes and No. Yes, if all set conditions defining truth are met, it is objective. No, because all conditions defining truth are never met, so, it is subjective.

SQ: Truth has a way of coming out?

SA: All ways can be bought or blocked. Need examples?

SQ: Truth doesn’t come with an expiry date?

SA: Truth doesn’t need one. As need of truth comes with an expiry date, anyway. Need expires, truth can live and thrive and reoccur.

SQ: Truth doesn’t make a noise.

SA: Yes, that is why in all this cacophony around us, it is never heard.

SQ: Truth comes out in anger, right?

SA: Isn’t being angry a style statement and a well rehearsed act? If anger is not well rehearsed, it is deadly, of course for the one who is mouthing it.

SQ: Truth Must Prevail

SA: Of course it does, not one but multiple versions of it, prevail concurrently.