10 Things To Do In Central New Delhi In A Day

Central New Delhi
Central New Delhi

To fully experience Delhi, it is ideal to have more than a day, but if you have limited time, you can still explore Central New Delhi within a day. Here’s an updated itinerary from dawn to dusk:

  1. 6:00 AM – Start your day by visiting Vijay Chowk, Rajpath, at the time of sunrise. Park your car and walk as close to Jaipur Star/Rashtrapati Bhawan gates as allowed by security guards. Enjoy the view of North Block, South Block, and Rashtrapati Bhawan from outside, which takes about 60 minutes.
  2. 7:00 AM – Walk down from Raisina Hill towards India Gate through Rajpath. Admire the Lutyens’ designs as you walk towards India Gate. Take your time to explore the Parliament House and the lawns around Vijay Chowk. Try to complete the walk to India Gate within 30 minutes. Take in the view of India Gate from different angles. Spend about 60 minutes at this iconic monument.
  3. 8:30 AM – Head back to your car and proceed to have breakfast. Connaught Place (CP/Rajiv Chowk) area offers various options like Sarvana Bhawan, Cafe Coffee Day, and McDonald’s. You can try Sarvana Bhawan at Janpath for delicious South Indian breakfast items like Idlis, Upma, and Dosas.
  4. 9:30 AM – Take a walk down Janpath towards Meridian Hotel and continue towards Rafi Marg. Notice the Eastern Court and Western Court Buildings along the way. Walk towards the back of the Parliament House and take Parliament Street/Sansad Marg towards Connaught Place. Pass by All India Radio (AIR) building and reach Jantar Mantar Observatory. Spend about 30 minutes exploring Jantar Mantar.
  5. 11:00 AM – Visit the Imperial Hotel, located 150 meters away from Jantar Mantar, and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee. The hotel will transport you to the historical era of 1940s India.
  6. 12:00 Noon – Explore the Tibetan Market and Janpath Flea Market near the Indian Oil Building. Spend an hour wandering around this area, searching for bargains and unique items.
  7. 1:00 PM – Enter Connaught Place and take a full circle of the inner circle. While exploring the historical significance of the place, make a stop at Wenger’s, Delhi’s original bakery. Treat yourself to pastries and snacks. There are also several good restaurants in the inner circle where you can have a meal. Khadi Garam Udyog on Barkhamaba Road is a recommended last stop in Connaught Place.
  8. 3:30 PM – Near Khadi Gramydyog, you’ll find Hanuman Mandir and the State Emporium Complex. Explore the handicrafts and local art of different states in the Emporium Complex. Adjacent to it is the Sacred Heart Cathedral, one of the oldest church buildings in New Delhi, constructed in the 1930s. Opposite the cathedral is Sri Bangla Sahib Gurdwara, a Sikh place of worship open to people from all walks of life.
  9. 5:30 PM – Arrange for your car to pick you up from Bangla Sahib Gurdwara and head to Bengali Sweets at Bengali Market off Tansen Road. Enjoy evening tea, coffee, and Indian snacks.
  10. 7:00 PM – Return to India Gate and witness the lively atmosphere with street vendors and ice cream carts. This is a great time to end your day in Central New Delhi.

Please note that the timings and availability of certain places may vary, so it’s advisable to check beforehand. Enjoy your day exploring Central New Delhi!

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