5 Most Common Winter illness You Must Be Aware of

Winter Diseases


With winters come several joys. Whether it is the pleasure of staying in the warmth of your cozy blankets, the thrills you get when you slurp your favorite hot soup or when you get the chance to flaunt your stylish winter apparels, winters come packed with enough excitement for everyone. Nonetheless, winters have an ugly side too, which manifests itself in the form of diseases. Read on to get informed about 5 most common illness that are essentially the part of the winters’ package.

1.Common Cold

There is a lot in the name! You guessed it right, just as the name suggests, common cold is a highly common disease during winters. Plaguing the children and adult alike, its symptoms include running noses, sneezing, coughing, sore throat, nasal congestion and even headache. Usually, it subsides within a few days and doesn’t require any serious medical attention. Simply intake of fluids in bulk amount and thorough rest can help you get past through this winter curse.


Although not too serious, Influenza is not to be taken lightly as well, by any means. Also known as flu, this highly contagious disease is caused by a virus, named after the disease itself. The symptoms like sore throat, high fever, painful headaches and pain in muscles are enough to ruin the pleasant winter mood. However, you can prevent this holiday spoiler by getting a flu shot. For treatment, antiviral medications work best, along with plenty of rest, of course.

3.Strep Throat

We all know how painful and uncomfortable sour throat is. But wait till you get Strep throat, which is ten folds as agonizing as the sore throat. This is mainly caused by bacterial infection and highly common among the school children. Common symptoms include fever, headache, trouble faced in swallowing and swollen lymph nodes in your neck. Antibiotics are the best way to deal with Strep throat. Drinking warm water appeases the pain too.


Little children under the age of two are the main targets of this disease. This respiratory infection is mainly caused by the Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). Difficulty in breathing is common while you suffer from Bronchitis as the inflammation in the airways branches in the lungs, clogs them. Coughing, wheezing, nasal congestion and low grade fever are some of the common symptoms. Sufficient rest and water consumption gets you through this illness as well.


A common infection of lungs, Pneumonia can have you coughing, sneezing and even problems in breathing. This yet another bacteria caused disease varies in seriousness from mild, that can be treated at home, to the extent it requires hospitalization. People with diseases like cancer, asthma or heart problems are even more likely to catch the disease. Detecting Pneumonia can be hard at first. If you face problems in breathing or have a prolonged cold and high fever, there are high chances you have the disease. Earlier the call to health care services, the better.

It takes someone fit and healthy to enjoy the winter in its true essence. Take complete care to stay away from these deadly winter diseases and enjoy the season in its full glory.