A foundation for increasing heart health awareness

One of the top companies dealing in edible oil, Healthy Heart Foods, has started an initiative named Healthy Heart Foundation. Its primary objective is to bring down the rate at which heart related diseases have been spreading. The foundation will be looking to deal with misinformation, an important issue in any ailment, and will be providing knowledge in a convenient way for all. For people who are not privileged enough to access the information on their own this information shall be provided at free of cost. The main aim will be to provide information that is compatible with the way Indians lead their lives.

The foundation shall also look to get in touch with people who have been experiencing heart related ailments and try and make sure that they are in contact with doctors who are appropriate for their particular condition. It shall also be a prerogative of the organization to make sure that these patients are able to get treatment at the lowest possible rates. The company has an advanced Belgian Desmet plant where it makes rice bran and sunflower oil. Before the said initiative the company was known for its work for raising the levels of consciousness regarding heart health among the common people of India.

The company says that the major reasons of heart diseases are low amount of oestrogen along with poor life habits and practices like smoking, stress, lack of physical exercise and bad diet. These factors normally lead to one becoming obese, have hypertension and also contract type 2 diabetes. Lack of knowledge is not the only problem – urbanization is a major issue as well. It has contributed significantly to bad eating habits en masse as well as a lazy and too laidback style of living without much space for physical activities.

Through the foundation the organization shall be creating forums where encouragement will be given to dialogue and participation for raising awareness. The organization shall also be uploading authentic videos with talk shows and interviews of famous heart specialists on a regular basis at the forum. This is expected to be an integral part of the entire program. The information will be presented in such a manner that even common people can understand it properly. Afterwards, the organization is planning to arrange specialized teams to get to offices and schools and talk about the various precautions to be taken against heart diseases and the risks associated with these ailments.

Santosh Lahiya will be working as the managing trustee of the Healthy Heart Foundation as well as the CEO of Healthy Heart Foods. He feels that at present heart diseases are gaining ground at a rather frightening speed and there is a real requirement to nip the bud by spreading around the word and enable people to gain knowledge regarding this and take proper and necessary steps. In the last few years, the occurrence of heart diseases has really gone up in the urban areas and the alarming thing that the young working class makes up a fairly major section of the same. The major reasons, as have been highlighted, are stress at work and in personal life and preference for junk food and alcohol. So people who otherwise do not have time to think of this before they come down with a stroke or two would be benefited with such noble initiatives and this is the reason why more such programs are required across the length and breadth of the country and that too sooner rather than later!